Blue Nail Polish-Tiffany, Light, Royal, Navy, Baby, Matte, Designs, Colors & Meaning

Is blue your favorite nail polish color? Blue nail polish is a fashionable paint during for almost all seasons. Some say, that blue tones reacts with your body resulting to calming chemicals that set the zen mood… Read to find the different shades, meaning, designs plus more ideas

Blue Nail Polish Meaning, Colors & Names

Blue nail polish is a very fashionable nail polish color that is perfect for all seasons and especially summer and spring. Blue nail polish basically refers to all blue hues like: navy blue, sky blue, sea blue, light blue, electric blue, royal blue, teal, baby blue, pastel blue, mink and others. Some purples with a cool undertone can also be included among the blue nail polish range as well some holographic and glitter nail polishes with strong blue pigments.

Tiffany Blue Nail Polish

Tiffany Blue is actually a shade of blue that resembles the famous teal color, with a tad of cooler mint undertones (instead of pure green).  It basically took its name from the distinct teal nail color of the famous jewelry brand “Tiffany and Co.”  used on its jewelry boxes.

Tiffany Blue

There are many drugstore and high-end brands that carry this shade. Some of the top rated tiffany blue nail polish picks among nail professionals and bloggers are:

  • China Glaze in shade “Aubrey”. This is one of the top 3 nail blogger’s recommendations for a true Tiffany Blue nail color that lasts over 5 days with a base and a top coat.
  • Wet and Wild Megalast in shade “I need a refresh mint”. A tad more green mint than the others yet still close enough to the original Tiffany blue shade. This retails for just $3.99 and makes a good bargain for trying out the shade without paying much.
  • Yves Saint Laurent in blue celadon. Although this retails for over $19 per bottle, nail bloggers recommend it for its perfectly smooth application and lasting finish.
  • Orly Gumdrop. Although not bright enough like the rest, this shade and formula is much favored by nail bloggers. On the plus side, the bottle of it is bigger than other brands so you get more product for your money.

Light Blue Nail Polish

Light Blue polish

If you fancy going a bit lighter than a Tiffany Blue shade yet still look bright and in fashion, perhaps you should try a light blue nail polish like:

  • Colorclub Factory girl. A light baby blue shade available for just $3.99 per bottle.
  • Sally Hansen Barra Cunda. A very light baby blue shade with semi-matte satin finish that looks opaque after 2-3 layers.
  • Revlon Blue Lagoon. A shade darker than the previously mentioned shades with subtle silver glitters adding a note of sparkle.
  • Essie Borrowed and blue. One of the most famous true baby blue shades that last over 5 days, according to nail bloggers.

Royal Blue Nail Polish

Best royal blue nail polish color
Royal Blue

Royal blue nail polish is a medium to dark blue shade that took its name from the famous blue-blooded royals, used to denote Royal bloodlines. The shade is perfect for summer and winter and makes a great base for other complementary nail designs. The top royal blue recommendations, according to nail bloggers and Instagram users online are:

  • Essie Mesmerized. One of the top rated Royal blue shades, this royal blue shade is ideal for those looking a smooth application and a glossy finish that lasts.
  • Sally Hansen pacific Blue. Another popular royal blue shade that retails for less than $7 per bottle, although some complain that the formula is a bit thicker than other brands and harder to apply.
  • Orly Royal Navy. If you want a touch of spark to your ordinary Royal Blue shade, this hybrid Royal and Navy Blue shade has fine glitters to make nails pop.

Navy Blue Nail Polish

navy blue nail polish
Navy Blue

Navy Blue is actually a shade darker than Royal blue with more neutral and cool undertones. The best picks for a navy blue shade are:

  • NYX Advanced Salon Formula in Navy Blue. A true dark Navy Blue shade that with a satin finish that is not too glossy neither too matte, designed for both professional and home use.
  • Chanel Blue Rebel. Another dark Navy Blue shade that looks great and opaque with just 1-2 strokes. On the downside this costs $28 but it’s Chanel quality so it’s really worth it!

Dark Blue Nail Polish

Best dark blue nail polish
Dark Blue

Dark Blue nail polish is the darkest blue shade available and resembles the color of midnight sky with a hint of black. It’s basically a tone darker than navy blue and sometimes it has purple black undertones. The best finds for this shade are:

  • Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in dark hue-moor. This is a deep blue shade with no obvious undertones and a pearly gel formula that lasts more than a week.
  • Essie Midnight Cami. One of the darkest blue black shades available, with a hint of purple undertones.
  • Maybelline Color show Nail Lacquer in Blue Freeze. A true midnight sky blue shade with a frosty fine glitter finish resembling a starry night sky.

Baby Blue Nail Polish

Best baby blue nail polish color
Baby Blue

Baby blue nail polish is the lightest shade of blue with obvious white undertones. The best baby blue shades are:

  • Opi in shade Light Blue Gray. A light baby blue shade with cool grey white undertones, perfect for any season.
  • Sinful Colors in shade Chit Chat Nails. Another light baby blue shade with fine golden sparkles, for those looking for something a bit more vibrant.

Matte Blue Nail Polish

Best matte blue nail polishes
Matte Blue

Matte blue nail polish unlike the rest of nail polish finishes doesn’t look glossy at all and has an opaque matte finish that almost resembles that of a colored chalk. Matte blue nail polishes have been a growing nail trend over the last few years among the online nail blogger community and here are the top rated picks for this category:

  • Opi Russian Navy matte nail polish. A deep navy polish with a matte yet multifaceted finish.
  • Mentality tough. A true royal blue shade with a matte yet slightly frosty finish

Best Brands-Opi, Essie, China Glaze etc

The brands that carry most shades of Blue as mentioned previously are;

  • Opi
  • China Glaze
  • Essie
  • Revlon
  • Sinful Colors

In most blue nail polish brands and especially when it comes to light blue shades, you may need more than a coat to make the color show through.

Blue Nail Polish Designs & Ideas

Although blue is a statement color on its own, you can play it up further by trying out these simple nail polish designs and ideas such as:

  • Trying out blue tips instead of white, as in French manicure
  • Decorating it with white lines to achieve a navy style
  • Adding white or red polka dots
  • Adding stars to get a starry night look
  • Adding flowers

Blue Gradient with Glitter Art Tutorial

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