Holographic Nail Polish – Top Brands and How to Make Your Own

Holographic nail polish is quite something. This guide will reveal the best brands of holographic varnish such as OPI, China Glaze, Chanel and Gosh. You will also learn types such as 3D effects, jade, black and how to make a hologram nail polish at home.

Hologram Nail Polish – What it is and how it works Holographic Nail Polish?

Hologram meaning-What is Holographic nail polish?

Hologram nails are different from traditional nail varnish. Instead of drawing their color from the pigment that is placed in the polish, they get their colors from structural factors. They are referred to as hologram nails because their hue changes depending on the angle of vision and reflection of light. In essence, holographic nail polish has the ability to exhibit all the colors of the rainbow.

Best brands of Holographic Nail Polish 3D, How to Make, Black, Cheap, What is Hologram Effect Chanel, Gosh, OPI
Nails painted with holographic nail polish

How Does Holographic Polish Work?

How it works? It makes use of the physics of light, but in a simple sense, holo nails polish has the physical properties that are able to diffract light in order to create the hologram effect on the nails. The property is created by the presence of glitter particles in the nail polish.

The silver particles in the nail polish have several thin layers. Light hits some of these layers and bounces off after hitting the first top layers while some of the sunlight waves penetrate and bounce off inner layers. As this happens, the waves interfere with each other and in the process create a hologram effect produced by the nail polish. This is quite different from glitter nail polish, isn’t it?

Now, enough of the physics of 3D holographic nail polish. Let us look at the best brands of hologram nail polish out there. Which ones are top rated? Which ones are long lasting and which ones produce the best effects you are looking for?

Best Holographic Nail Polish Brands – Top Rated Brands

When it comes to nail varnish or enamel, you will find very many brands with countless hues, shades, and styles. Choosing the best option may become difficult because you may be spoilt for choice. However, we always look for high quality, long lasting nail varnishes.

The following are some of the best picks when it comes to hologram nail varnish brands out there. Try these and you will find one or several that are just perfect for your needs.

  • Color Club Holographic Nail Polish: Color Club in Harp On It; Color Club Holographic Hues Collection 2013 is one of the best collections out there.
  • Chanel Hologram Nail Polish: Chanel Duo Platinum
  • OPI Holographic Nail Polish in Ruby Red; OPI DS Shimmer
  • Gosh Holographic Nail Polish: GOSH Nail Lacquer Holographic Hero; #549
  • Layla Hologram Effect in Gold Idol (a gold color that is great for spicing up any outfits)
  • Best Milani Holographic Nail Polishes: Milani 3D Holographic Nail Collection
  • Best China Glaze Holographic Fingernail Polish: China Glaze in Salon Flirty Fun (a cosmic shade)
  • Bsj Holographic Nail Polishes
  • Nails Inc. Special Effects Electric Lane Holographic Glitter Top Coat
  • Maybelline Color Show Holographic Nail Polishes
  • Nubar Prisms Nail Polish in Treasure
  • Nfu Oh Nail Lacquer

How to Make Holographic Nail Polish – DIY Homemade Holo Polish

You can make your own hologram nail polish with simple DIY steps. With the trick, you will be able to make holographic nail varnish using your normal color nail polishes, such as clear nail polish, red nail paint, pink nail varnish or even black.

Most girls prefer clear nail polish as it gives the perfect top coat. You can use it to make holographic fingernail polish, although you should go for your own preference. Any nail polish will do. All you need is the hologram pigment or ingredient.

You will need: a clear nail varnish (or any other type), the holographic spectra pigment, a spatula. It is not that complicated, so here are the DIY steps to follow:

  1. Scoop the spectra holographic polish pigment using the spatula.
  2. Add into the clear nail polish bottle.
  3. Mix well.

Congrats! You have now made it. If you used it with a clear top coat, apply it over your base nail co, as usual, al to give your nails that 3D hologram effect.

Designs and Trends of Holographic Nails

Some of the holographic polishes are top coats. You just need to apply a top coat to your base nail polish and it will produce a 3D holographic effect. The small glitters found in the nail polish will produce very nice arrays of colors once they are hit by sun rays.

Jade holographic nail polish is quite a trend, with brands such as Layla making a whole range of jade polishes. These can be worn by ladies who love the jade pigment even when they are looking for something with red hues. The bluish reflections will keep popping up in your nails, giving a perfect look that everyone will be drooling at.

Black Holographic Nail Polish: Layla Hologram Effect Nail Polish, Flash Black is one of the best out there. You might also want to try the Spectrum Cosmetic trend. If you love black nail polish but want to break away from black matte and other such trends, you can try the black glitter in holographic designs. It simply has tiny flecks of holographic glitter that create the holo effect. You might want to apply 2 to 3 thin coats in order for the glitter to show.

Where do you buy cheap holographic nail polish? Leave a reply below.

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