Nailshe is a website dedicated to help you get a deeper understanding of Nails (fingernails & toenails), Nail Beauty Products & Services

Here, you will find;

  • Ideas on how to choose and apply different types of Nail Polishes and Nail Polish & Colors
  • Nail Care and Health-Treatments and fixes to make your nails strong and healthy
  • Best Nail Art Designs trends and DIY how-tos
  • Reviews and guides for nail care products

All we care about is making your nails healthy and trendy while  they shine with the best color and art designs

Who is Behind Nailshe?

Our domain was recently registered under one of our associates and contributors, Charlize Beck. However, the management team includes Hale J. S., a manicurist, Eve Walker, a beauty and style professional based in Michigan, and contributors who we are still adding to the list. Each of these have their unique profiles here.

Where Are We Located?

Since Nailshe is a global website, we have just established various small offices (virtual) in three cities around the world. One is in the Michigan, another in New Delhi and another in New York. We hope to expand our locations and have many more contributors as time goes by.

How to Get in Touch with us

You can contact us right away via  email  if you have any questions, comment or suggestions. Please use our Contact Us Form to give us feedback. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Email: [email protected]

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