Neon Nail Polish Colors, Best Brands and How to Wear Neon Nails

Neon nail polish can make you stand out if you know how to wear it as it is extra bright and trendy. Here is a guide on:

  • What is the best neon polish?
  • How can I wear neon nails?
  • How can I make neon nail paint at home?
  • Are neon nails good for dark skin and over white?

and all the main neon nail polish colors like pink, green, yellow, and blue.

What is Neon Nail Polish? Is it Legal? How does it work?

Neon nail polish is a type of lacquer that is bright and fluorescent. It actually glows under black or UV light. That is how it works. Some people call it UV nail polish, but it is different from gel nail polish which may use LED lamps or UV light to cure. Colors such as yellow, bright pink, orange and green are the most common of the neon colors.

So, is neon nail polish illegal in the United States, Canada, and India?

Here in the United States, neon nail varnish is illegal to manufacture but not illegal to sell imported. If you buy neon polish from any drug store, it is likely to be imported from a country outside the U.S like Canada, U.K or India.

Top rated Best Brands of Neon Nail Polish-Hot, Pink, Green, Yellow, Bright Orange Blue, cheap and how to Make
Bottles of Neon Nail Polish

Nonetheless, let us list the best neon nail polishes or brands that have the top-rated neon nail polishes according to reviews.

Best Neon Nail Polish, Top Rated from Reviews

Neon nails are a hot trend worth trying out. However, regardless of the shade you pick, the bottom line is getting a brand that offers a high-quality formula.

Here is a list of good neon polishes for summer and yes, any other season and event you want to attend, such as Halloween. So, go for them if you want something that is outstandingly glow in the dark.

  • Best Essie neon nail polish: Essie in Saturday Disco Fever (a coral neon varnish); Essie Aruba Blue; Essie Funky Limelight
  • Best OPI neon nail polish: Nicole by OPI Scandalous and Notorious kit; OPI Neon Revolution Kit Mini Pack; OPI La Paz-itively Hot
  • Best Revlon neon nail polish: Revlon Neon Nail Art in Ultra Violet (comes with a base coat)
  • American Apparel’s Classic Neon Pink (a bubblegum pink shade neon)
  • Butter London in Cake Hole Nail Lacquer (this one is not so bright, but not matte as well. It is nearly pink); Butter London in Cotton Buds
  • Illamasqua Rare (one of the bright yellow neon nail polishes); Illamasqua in Gamma
  • Sephora in Intoxicated Electric Limoncello
  • Ciate Corrupted Neon Manicure Sets (very good neons for party, dance and Halloween costume)
  • Orly in Mayhem Mentality
  • 2True Fast Dry
  • Milani Neon Neon Nail Lacquer
  • China Glaze in Flip Flop Fantasy; Orange Knockout; Towel Boy Toy; Shocking Pink
  • Sinful Colors in Neon Melon
  • Colorbar in Pina Colada

That is the list of the best neon color nail polish to pick from ladies. Go for it.

Neon Nail Polish Colors – Neon Colored Nail Polish

Having seen the best brands of neon polish,  what neon colors of polish are out there? Well, depending on your color preferences, outfits and fashion trends for any season, you can go for these neon colors:

  • Neon pink nail polish: Pink is generally known as one of the bold colors. Together with red nail polish, most people find them quite extreme. However, if you want to feel even bolder, neon pink nail varnish is the color to go for.
  • Neon Green Nail Polish: When it comes to neon green nail polish, you can make it a good pick for parties and even as part of your winter trend.
  • Neon Yellow Nail Polish: Neon yellow polish is quite something. Couple it with yellow heels or a yellow top, and you will look outstanding. Yellow nails are quite a staple of the runways in beauty shows, so feel free to go for it.
  • Neon Orange Nail Polish: Orange and corals are also some of the best bright neon nail polish. It might not be as catchy as yellow and pink, but it gives you elegance and boldness. Besides, neon orange nails look great on women with dark skin tone.
  • Neon Blue Nail Polish: For girls who love blue polish and want to go neon, blue neon polish is your pick. It is not shimmer or glitter, but can give hints of blue holograms.
  • Neon Peach Nail Polish: Peachy and cream nail polishes are also a great choice. Instead of going for nude nail polish, or colors that are matte, you can opt for a mild color such as peachy neons.
  • Neon Red Nail Polish: Love fire engine makeups? Well, red neon nail lacquer is your thing. Couple that with the best red lipstick and you will get that fiercely hot look in an instant.

How to Make Neon Nail Polish – DIY Homemade Steps

With easy DIY steps, you can make your own neon polish at home and actually make it any color that you want. Here are the ingredients and things you will need to make it:

  • Food colorant of the color you want;
  • A paper funnel (homemade one – just roll a piece of paper into that shape);
  • A good quality clear nail polish;
  • Ball bearings.

Tutorial: Steps to Follow

  1. Add two or three ball bearings into the clear nail polish. (This will make mixing the contents of the bottle easy).
  2. Using the paper funnel you made, add a small amount of food colorant into the bottle of clear top coat.
  3. Shake the bottle thoroughly to mix the contents. You might need to shake every before use.

That’s it ladies on how to make it. Remember that nail polish remover may not be able to remove this cheap homemade neon polish. So, you might need to scrub it off.

How to Wear Neon Nails, Tips and Ideas

Well, this is what makes a difference regardless of the quality or even price of the polish you wear. You don’t want to look like you have just had a highlighter explosion. Here are tips to help you wear neon fingernail polish perfectly:

Here are tips to help you wear neon fingernail polish perfectly:

  • Keep your nails short, otherwise, they will look scary. It is much better if you make them almond shaped.
  • Avoid overdoing the trend, so, wear neon lacquers on your toenails or with a plain outfit. Avoid clashing as it is no longer trendy. It is 80s fashion!
  • Use neon nail paint sparingly. Also, minimize the rest of the makeup.
  • If you are of fair skin tone, avoid yellow as it will clash with your skin tone.

If you like the look of neon nail polish, you might want to try softer neon shades first. Hopefully, this article will help you rock the trend in a new way every time you go for it.



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