White Nail Polish – Best Brands, OPI, Designs, Trend s & on Dark Skin

White nail polish is a nail polish you can see on the runway for both spring and summer. In this article, learn how to wear white nails, best white shades and trends such as glitter, crackle, matte, opaque, snow and even off black and white nail lacquer.

Wearing chic nails in white can make you look sophisticated and trendy as the white looks elegant itself. You simply need to know the best white nail polish brand to pick for your nails, the correct shade of white and how to match it with your outfits. Below, we will list

Below, we will list top-rated brands of white nail color.

white nail polish

Best White Nail Polish Brands/Good Picks-OPI, Essie

The most suitable picks are the ones that give you long lasting nails, while the shade is perfectly pigmented. Like black nail polishes, you will not find so many brands of white nail color brands, but here is a list of the top-rated options below. Keep in mind that not all brands are made the same, and despite the color being simple, there are subtle variations that you must pay attention to when choosing the best white nail polish, such as cool undertones, warm and matte finishes.

white opi nail polish

OPI white nail polish

OPI in My Vampire Is Buff –a great vanilla nude white shade. It is not really a true white, but if you are looking for something creamy, this is the best. Alpine Snow is another shade of OPI white nail polish.  It is described as a Fresh, crisp white, perfect for French-look tips.

Other best white nail polish brands

  • Essie in Waltz, a nearly sheer and cool white shade of white.
  •  Chanel Le Vernis White Satin 459 Nail Colour Polish
  • Revlon Top Speed Nail Enamel in Spirit (this one is an opaque bright white)
  • China Glaze Avant Garden in Dandy Lyin’ Around (has a soft shimmer)
  • Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Clear’d for Takeoff (almost sheer white nail color; can apply several coats to achieve a bold look.)
  • Tom Ford in Vapor High Gloss White Nails
  • Wet n’ Wild Megalast in “Break the Ice (a white glitter nail polish)
  • Deborah Lippmann in Like a Virgin – a neutral and bright white nail color, good for summer.
  • NARS in Ecume – the brightest white nail color to choose.
  • Illamasqua in Scorch – a long lasting lacquer that does not chip for days.
  • Bic Wite Out, an all-white nail color that dries fast.

White Nail Polish Trend and Designs

Miley Cyrus, Zoe Saldana, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Scarlet Johansson, Eva Longoria and a couple of other celebrities have been spotted wearing the chic white nail polish trend. Some of them use great brands such as OPI, Essie and Zoya because of their good quality. But now that the color is just white, with almost very little variations, you can try different designs.

Here are some great white nail ideas for you:

White Glitter Nail Polish: Glitter white nails look very chic and can really catch attention. It is rare to find people wearing a shimmer style especially with odd colors such as black and white, but white nail ideas can never run out when you there are trends and designs that suit glitter. Remember glitter white is not really the best option for the office.

White Crackle Nail Polish: What is crackle nail trend? Well, if you like to have your nails look shattered, then you can easily make some crackle white nails with a good white crackle nail polish. You can mix snow white with other colors just to fit your DIY nail art ideas. The best white nail lacquer her is OPI Nail Lacquer, White Shatter.

White Matte Nail Polish: For those who do not like the glossy kind of nails, matte nail polish trend is the best for you. It is cool and does not shout, so you can wear this and feel comfortable at the office all day long. One of the best brands of white matte is White Matte Barry M Nail Varnish.

Opaque White Nail Polish: Yet another trend for the summer, the opaque white nails. Sinful Colors Nail Polish: Snow Me White 101 is one of the best brands of white nail paint. You can achieve an opaque white finish without having to apply too many coats.

Off White Nail Polish: OPI Swedish Nude is one of the best off white nail paints. But if you want to get off white nails, simply apply your normal white nail lacquer after which coat with a clear or pale pink top coat.

Snow White Nail Polish: Shades of white nails pop up here and there during the summer. Well, if you are looking for a snow white nail shade, brands such as Bic are the best, with Bic Wite Out being one of the colors you can go for. Perhaps you should couple snow white nail polishes with white lipstick if you are headed for a Halloween party.

Black and White Nail Polishes: We have already seen the meaning of black nail polish, but when coupled with white, you will have some trendy zebras on your nails. With good white nail art ideas, you can easily come up with a great trend of white nails in black and white.

How to Wear White Nail Polishes

Almost everyone can wear white nails. It does not matter if you are of fair skin, dark skin, almond skin etc. White matches almost any outfit and makes a great choice of nail color for everyone to try. However, here are 3 tips for you on how to wear white nail polish:

  • NARS in Ecume is good for dark skin tones.
  • RGB in White is one of the best white nail paints that feel right to be worn in summer during the warm weather. It is an opaque color that stands out, though it also feels creamy.
  • Some people tan their pale skin first before rocking the white nail color.

White Nail Polish on Dark Skin

Does a white nail polish match with dark skin? According to Scheuetz, the brain behind Zoe Saldana’s nails, white nail polish can have similar effect to pastel shades.If you love a fresh white manicure, she advise, steer away from bright, blue-whites (the shade you think of when you envision true white) and towards warmer white tones.

White nail polish white teeth – would you try that?

Where to Buy White Nails Polish

I find it easy to buy white nail paint, and other different types of nail polishes from online stores. The more reputable the seller is the better. Some nail lacquers are not easy to find, but it is good to buy from stores that show real customer reviews, so you know much more about your white nail color.

What is your best brand of white nail polish? Leave a reply below.

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