Best Pink Nail Polish Brands, Shades and How to Wear

Pink nail polish makes you look chic, sexy and bold. Learn the best brands of pink polish such as OPI and shades of pink that you can choose from such as neon, hot pink, light, pale, Barbie and baby pink shades. We will also discuss how to wear pink nails and types such as clear, glitter, gel polishes below.

What Pink Nail Polish Reveals about You

Pink nail polish has a meaning. Nail polish, lipstick and type of lips reveal a lot about your personality. So, what does pink nails mean? Well, it all depends with the shade of pink you choose. If you have made light pink nails your staple, then it means that you really care how you look, and that you are likely to be more of a career girl. You are completely feminine.

If you find yourself making hot pink nail polish a staple for your manicure as well as hot pink lipstick, you are considered to have a bold personality, and you love being sexy and chic all the time. Hot pink is a feminine color that is very outstanding and noticeable. Therefore, it shows that you have great confidence in yourself and you don’t like being ignored.

Pink nail Polish

Best Pink Nail Polish Brands

Best pink nail polishes can be worn during your wedding day, at the bridal party, when supporting breast cancer awareness and many other occasions. It is a feminine color that will leave you feeling sexy all day. But what are the best brands of pink polish to buy?

  • Opi Pink Nail Polishes: OPI Nail Lacquer in Bubble Bath (sheer polish);
  • Essie Pink Nail Polishes: Essie Jam ‘ n ‘ Jelly; Essie Punchy Pink Polish; Essie Nail Polish in Allure (soft pink)
  • Pink Friday Nail Polish
  • Best Sally Hansen Pink Nails Polish Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Sheer Me Now
  • Pixi Nail Polish in Summer Pink
  • butter LONDON Nail Lacquer in Trout Pout
  • Obsessive Compulsive Nail Lacquer in Anime
  • Inglot Nail Enamel in 304
  • Bourjois So Laque Ultra Shine in Rose Lounge
  • Jessica Custom Nail Colour in Sweet Breath
  • Kit & Gorman Nail Polish in Almost Mauve
  • Chanel Le Vernis in Emprise
  • Manicare French Pink
  • Mac Cosmetics Nail Lacquer in Faint of Heart
  • Ciaté Paint Pots in Stawberry Shake
  • Deborah Lippman Sweet Dreams
  • China Glaze Pink Plumeria (a coral based pink)

Best Pink Nail Polish Colors and Shades, names

Neon Pink Nail Polish

Neon colors such as pink and yellow are good for parties and festivals such as Halloween. Neon colors are vibrant and fluorescent, so they will grab that attention for you. Some polishes will glow in the dark.

Neon Pink Nail Polish
Neon Pink

Hot Pink Nail Polish

OPI is one of the best brands with the hottest pink polishes out there. Their polishes are vibrant and just dazzling. Hot pink is meant to create a scene, so with hot pink nails, you will immediately add a splash of hot color to your outfit.

Baby Pink Nail Polish

Also called light pink nail polish, pale pink, bubblegum pink. It is a very feminine shade of pink, and is good for girls who like cool nails. MAC Saint Germain, OPI Bubble Bath are all baby pink or light pink polishes that you will love.

Pink Nail Polish Shades color: hot and Baby
Left: Hot Pink Nail Polish. Right: Baby Pink Nail Polish

Pink Gel Nail Polish

Best gel nail polishes are quite a phenomenon. If you want something that is shiny with a solid look in the form of gel pink polish, try Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Sheer Me Now.

Best Pink Nail Polish Colors and Shades, names
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure

Milky Pink Nail Polishes

Milky pink nails are almost nude. So if you love nude nail polishes, you can go for brands such as Mac Cosmetics Nail Lacquer in Faint of Heart. Opaque pink polish that is creamy also falls in this shade.

Mac Cosmetics Nail Lacquer Milky Pink Nail Polishes
Mac Cosmetics Nail Lacquer Milky Pink

Pastel Pink Fingernail Polishes(white pink)

Pastel pink nails look great for spring. M.A.C. Nail Polish in Confectionary and China Glaze in Pink-ie Promise are good picks for spring season.

Other Pink Color Names

  • Barbie Pink Nail Polish: Zoya has one of the best collections of Barbie pink nail lacquers worth trying.
  • Bright Pink Nail Color: Bright pink is simply a hot pink nail color. See above on hot pink nails.
  • Coral Pink Nail Polishes: As you have seen above, China Glaze Pink Plumeria is one of the best pink nail polishes that have coral hints in them.
  • Peachy Pink Nails Polish: Peachy pinks are also great for spring. Butter London and China Glaze have some good peachy pinks you can choose from.
  • Perfect Pink Fingernail Polish: So what is perfect pink nails? Well, it is all about the shades. If you can observe the purest pink shade, that could be your perfect pink polish.
  • Pretty Pink Nail Polishes: Pretty pink nails are a feminine shade that can be a good ensemble for both summer and spring. L’Oreal Colour Riche Nail Hopeless Romantic Collection is a good example of pretty pink polishes.

Nail Designs with Pink Nail Polish , Types & Trends

Nail makeup trends bring a fresh breath of fashion. When you want to do your nails pink, you can choose a style from glitter to nude, sheer to French manicure tips, matte to many other styles.

Clear Pink Nail Color Polish

is simply a clear polish but comes with a pink tint in it. Most of the clear nail polishes are nude and will give you almost natural looking but polished nails. You can use clear pink polish if you are going to the office or to work, rather than events such as parties where you may want to look funky in neon pink.

Pink Glitter Nail Polish: Deborah Lippman Sweet Dreams is one of the best glitter polishes in pink. Well, this is a design of nail manicure that carries flecks that glitter when light reflects on them. With glitter nail polishes, your nails are likely to attract attention for you. This is different from metallic pinks such as Zoya Happi.

Pink Clear & Glitter Nail Polish designs Deborah Lippman Sweet Dreams
Left: Clear Pink Nail Color Polish. Right: Deborah Lippman Sweet Dreams

French Pink Nail Trend

French Pink Nail polish
Manicare French Pink

Manicare French Pink polish is a good choice if you want to do French tips. With this, you apply a glossy or shiny top coat to the tips of your nails, giving them a uniform patter on all your fingernails.

How to Wear and Make Pink Nail Polish

You can wear pink nails if you have a fair skin tone or a dark skin tone. It looks great on anyone. Pink lipstick, especially when it is bright, might not look great on dark skin women, but when it comes to wearing pink nails, you can try almost any shade. When you choose glitter pink nail polish, ensure it is for parties and such events.

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