Brown Nail Polish- Dark, Light, How to make, Designs & Trends

Thinking of trying a brown nail polish? When used correctly, this earthly hue will make you not only stand out but also daring…nobody wants to look like soil! Read to find out more brown color names, light and dark shades, how to make, designs and trends

Brown Nail Polish Color Names & Meaning

brown nail polish make shades designs & trends
Brown Nail Lacquer

What does Brown Polish mean and who is it for?

Brown nail polish is used to describe all brown hues from the lightest to the darkest.

Brown nail polish hues are a classic and safe choice for people of almost any ages and skin tones and suit any season and any occasion. If you are not a big fan of bold shades and want to try a neutral shade that goes along with anything a brown nail polish will be great for you.

Some common brown nail polish color names are nude beige brown, pink brown, chocolate brown, orange brown, dark brown, red brown, caramel, pecan, coffee brown, cinnamon brown, walnut brown, chestnut brown, mocha brown, ginger brown, bronze brown, golden brown, and amber.

Brown Nail Polish Colors

How to make Brown Nail Polish

Although you’ll find lots of brown shades in shops and online, it’s possible to make your own brown nail polish by mixing in a couple of shades you’ll most probably have already. A basic combo that will result in a warm brown nail polish color is mixing blue and a pale orange yellow. For a cooler toned brown, you will need to mix yellow with purple blue. If you want the shade of brown to be lighter, you’ll mix lighter blue and yellow shades and perhaps a bit of white for a nude brown shade or a bit of pastel pink for a nude pink brown.

Aside from the above mixing combos, you can also make your own nail polish by combining smashed eyeshadow powder and a clear nail polish. Here are the basic steps on how make it:

Step 1: Take your desired brown shade from a single eyeshadow or an eyeshadow palette and smash it to thin pieces so that it becomes a fine powder. Use a spatula and a piece of paper underneath to collect all the remaining powder so that it doesn’t go to waste.

Step 2: Pour approx.  1-2 tsps. of the powder to a bottle filled with nail polish and shake well until uniform.

Step 3: Apply a base coat to your nails and then apply your DIY nail polish a usual. Since the consistency will be a bit different, you’ll need maybe to apply more than one coat for opaque even looking results but this shouldn’t be an issue as some ready-made nail polishes need more than one coat as well.

Tip: You can also add some glitter powder to the clear nail polish to achieve a more glittery and holographic effect or you can also mix eyeshadow colors of the same color family.

Light & Dark Brown Nail Lacquer Shades and Ideas

Light brown nail polish.

Light brown and nude brown nail polishes have been a very popular fashion nail trend over the last few years and many female celebs like Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Hollywood actresses of all ages are frequently spot with a light brown nail polish shade. It’s no wonder why as it’s classy, modern, and goes with any outfit or occasion. Some light brown nail polish shades you could try include:

  • Opi it Never Ends. This is a beautiful tan crème shade with pink undertones. It has a professional shining finish and goes opaque with just a couple of strokes.
  • Zoya in Spencer. A universally flattering crème tan shade with neutral undertones. Formula requires two coats and this has a natural glossy finish. If you aren’t sure whether you should try a cool or warm-toned brown this balanced shade here is ideal for you.
  • Dior in Camel. A light to medium camel tan shade that flatters ideally those with golden skin undertones, light or dark. Formula has a natural semi-glossy finish that’s not too matte nor too glossy

Dark brown nail polish

Dark brown nail polish is ideal for those with olive or tanned skin and golden or neutral undertones although some dark brown shades do well with fair pink skin as well. Here are some ideas:

  • Chanel Khaki rose. A deep khaki shade with subtle red undertones that looks especially flattering on cool or neutral toned medium to dark skin tones. Formula goes on smoothly and has semi-glossy finish.
  • Essie in Little Brown Dress. If you are a fan of rich chocolate shades this deep milk chocolate shade is perfect for you, especially if you have neutral, golden, or red skin undertones.
  • Dior Aztec Chocolate. This is deep chocolate finish with subtle bronze amber hues and a glossy finish, perfect for reviving your ordinary brown nail polish color.

Brown Nail Polish Designs & Trends

Most people and celebs that wear brown nail polish don’t have any excessive designs or patterns on their nails as it takes out from the natural richness and earthiness of the color.  However, a brown nail can look a bit more interesting with some simple designs and additions. For example, you could add a layer of clear nail polish with gold, silver, or bronze glitters. You could also add some polka dots or small animal prints, tree leaves and any shape with a natural earthy tone like green, gold, amber, stone white, or red.

If you don’t want to add anything on top, you could simply make a French manicure with brown nail polish in the place of a white tip and it should look perfect.

Glossy Brown With Acrylic Flowers Design Nail Art

Brown nail Art
Brown Nail Art []

Elegant Brown Design tutorial

Choosing the best Brown Nail Polish -Tips

When you choose a brown nail polish, always look for its undertones and its finish. Some shades of browns as mentioned previously are more suitable for cooler undertones whereas some others are suitable for warmer undertones. There are however some shades like nude camel beige that are universally flattering to any skin tone.

When you buy a brown nail polish, it’s best to purchase it in your local supply store and test its real color on your online as online swatches of colors may appear different on screen than in real life and you may end up with a not so flattering brown shade.

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