Chrome Nail Polish-Mirror, Silver, Gold Shade, Powder and more

Chrome nail polish is one of the metallic trends for various seasons. In this article, find out the best brands and types such as Silver Chrome, Gold Chrome, mirror chrome and other metallic variations. Also, find kits, how to apply chrome nail powder, tips ans ideas plus where to buy this nail varnish.

What is Chrome Nail Polish?

Chrome nail polish is a type of nail polish with a high shine foil finish that’s close to metal with the only main difference being that chrome nail polish typically has a more reflective mirror like shine that is multidimensional, often blending two colors together e.g for a duochrome finish. Chrome nail polishes also typically come in more colors than plain metallic shades.

Chrome nail polish-mirror, powder, gold, silver, best brands and where to but
Chrome nail polish

Chrome nails are great for any girl who loves shiny nails. If you have tried glitter nails and other trends such as neon polishes, and still feel you want something unique and metallic, chrome nail lacquers are the ones to go for. Following are the different types of chrome polishes you can go for plus a list  of the best picks.

 Chrome Nail Polish Colors Mirror, Gold ,  Silver, Black, Blue and more 

Chrome nail polish colors include gold, silver, bronze, pink, blue, green, orange, purple, and dark grey or carbon black. Below you can see some recommendations for each shade. 

Chrome mirror nail polish

Chrome mirror nail polish is perhaps the latest chrome nail trend as it has a high reflective shine without any visible glitters and looks extra impressive on almost any skin tone and especially cooler ones. Chrome mirror nails are best achieved at salon with special powder or liquid but for those who want to get a similar mirror finish at home, there are few brands and shades to try out such as Layla in Metal Chrome (01) and Born Pretty in shade mirror.

Gold chrome nail polish

Chrome gold nail polish is probably one of the top 3 most popular chrome shades because it looks polished, high-end and impressive in any skin tone, from the fairest to the darkest. Some gold chrome nail polishes have more of a green undertone whereas other are warmer and may have a bronze or even pink undertone.

gold chrome nail polish
Gold Chrome finsh

Examples of this shade: Wet N Wild Chrome steal the spotlight (a medium champagne gold with a high shine micro-glitter finish) and Revlon gold coin (a medium true gold with neutral undertones a high shine but no mirror .

Silver chrome nail polish

Another popular shade of chrome is silver. Silver is basically the opposite cooler version of gold and gives nails a space-like high shine finish. Because silver is a cool shade though, it suits mostly those with fair skin and peach or pink undertones.

Those who have tanned skin with yellow undertones should avoid silver chrome finishes as it will clash with their skin tone and make skin around the nails look more yellow. Examples of this shade: Revlon in silver dollar and Opi Push and Shove.

Black chrome nail polish

Although there is not exact deep black chrome shade because chrome finishes are multidimensional, there are some shades of deep blackish grey that are just a tone lighter than black. If you are a goth or want an elegant shade for the winter that really goes with everything, a deep grey/light black is a great idea.

Examples of this shade: Chanel Black Pearl (a soft black, deep gray with silver pearl undertones) and 513 and Illyrian polish in golden lion, which is a carbon black with duochrome bronze gold finish.

Blue chrome nail polish

Blue is a very popular chrome nail polish for both summer and winter if you want a more vibrant shade than silver that reminds you of the starry night sky or the sea. Examples of this shade: Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup in Blue Water Chrome (a cool light teal frosty blue shade) and Model’s Own in Chrome Indigo (a deep indigo blue chrome shade with purple and silver undertones).

White chrome nail polish

Although there is no exact white chrome nail varnish since chrome shades are big shine and multi-dimensional, there are some shades that are a very light silver in a white base that resemble the color/finish of pearls. These shades are particularly ideal for brides or mature ladies who want to match their nails to any outfit color.

Examples of this shade: Grace-full Nail polish in Friday Night Dinners and Revlon in sheer pearl. Regardless of the brand you choose, white shades tend to be semi-opaque so you will probably need more than a couple of strokes for the shade to show completely opaque.

Duochrome nail varnish.

Duochrome is basically a chrome nail lacquer that blends two distinct colors together for more shine and dimension.Duochrome finishes are especially visible under natural sunlight and dark U.V light. Examples of duochrome brands and shades: Fun Lacquer in Reunion, all the Revlon chroma chameleon range, and OPI’s significant other shade.

Best chrome nail polish brands-Sally Hansen, OPI, Essie

 The best chrome nail varnish brands according to online reviews are the follows. 

Sally hansen

Sally hansen is one of the few brands that carry an entire chrome collection consisting called Sally Hansen Chrome Make-up of the colors:

  • pink pearl
  • baby blue crystal
  • topaz
  • violet sapphire
  • canary chrome
  • black pearl
  • moonstone
  • platinum chrome
  • tourmaline chrome
best brands chrome nail polish sally hansen

Sally hansen foil range has a similar foil/mirror chrome finish.


OPI’s chrome formulas do not fall short when it comes to both finish and opaqueness as they require only one or two coats to show through. However some complain that the formula tends to apply and get thick easily which is bit hard to spread but this may be easily fixed by applying a  couple of drops nail polish dilutor. OPI’s best chrome shades include: Opi’s Push and Shove and Opi Bling Dynasty.

Chrome girl nail polish

Chrome girl is a relatively new US brand that been seen in Hollywood celebs and those who have tried it rave about its smooth and flawless application. Chrome girls chrome shades you can try are: poetic potion (a golden brown) and bedroom eyes (a teal blue chrome shade).


Sephora includes both chrome metallic and duochrome shades in their collection which apply smoothly but may need more than a couple of strokes to show through. Recommended shades: Sephora full moon party (a teal blue chrome shade), Sephora Tropical Bird (a grey blue chrome shade), and Sephora Never Say No (a golden grey chrome shade).

Dashing diva

Although a lesser known brand when it comes to drugstore and  middle-price nail polishes, dashing diva has nothing to envy in both its formulas and shades to other more popular brands. Although it doesn’t carry so many shades compared to other brands, Dashing Diva has at least three chrome shades in their collection including: Greenport Grunge, Dashing Diva mirror image, and Dashing Diva gold nail polish.


Essie, one of the most popular drugstore nail varnish brands could not stay out of the chrome nail trend. Essie’s chrome shades include: no place like chrome, good as gold, and penny talk.

Wet and wild

If you want to try a new chrome shade with just a couple of dollars for each bottle, try the Wet n Wild brand. Recommended shades: penny for your thoughts (a rose gold chrome color), a show at the palladium (a rich high-shine gold) and hog-quartz school (a duo chrome blue and purple).


Chanel’s impressive multidimensional chrome finishes that make your nails look like a million bucks include shade 531 peridot (a multidimensional green and gold chrome), 591 alchimie (a deep tarnished gold shade with a hint of brown) and shade 029 sweet star (a 2 dimensional true silver shade).

China glaze

China glaze’s affordable polishes and good formulas are not to be missed when it comes to getting chrome nails. China glaze is also probably the first drugstore brand to carry a crinkled chrome shade collection with an effect similar to scratched foil consisting of 6 colors: a light pink, a light blue, a light green, two silvers,  and a light purple.


  • Revlon: Revlon Top Speed Fast Dry Nail Enamel in Sheer Pearl (one of the best chrome metallic nail polishes that can be worn with everything. It is a sheer, pearly champagne shade)
  • Minx Chrome Nail Polish
  • Stargazer Chrome Nail Polish: Stargazer Chrome 232
  • MAC: Nail Lacquer in Styleseeker (has a fiery orange duochrome polish and is beautiful for the fall trend. comes with a rich pop of color chic metallic finish)

How to Apply Chrome Nail Powder

Below is video tutorial showing how to apply chrome nail powder. The image below shows the end results.

chrome nail polish tutorial results

Video tutorial

Chrome effect nail polish kit

Professional manicurists and nail technicians often use kits that come with a liquid chrome nail polish with base and a top coat or chrome nail polish powder on top of nail polish layers. The main steps for getting a  professional chrome nail effect to the nails that lasts for more than  a week are as follows:

Step 1: Clean up the nail bed from any oil and product residue with a nail polish remover

Step 2: Apply a base coat to the nails and it dry for a couple of minutes or speed up the drying process with a curing lamp.

Step 3: Apply a white or black nail polish as a base color to help the chrome nail powder pop. Let it dry

Step 4: Apply a thin layer of top coat. Let it dry but not completely as you want some stickiness for the powder to stick on top.

Step 5:  Apply the powder with a wide and flat nail brush from the base to the top of the nails. Work the powder well until it starts to look less glittery and more like an opaque chrome finish. Use optionally afan nail brush to wipe of excess powder and smoothen the base.

Step 6: Add another layer of topcoat and let it dry. 

Wearing Chrome Nail Polish Tips & Ideas

Metallic nails are good on almost every skin tone. Whether you have a fair skin tone, dark skin tone, golden undertones or almond, you can wear just about any chrome polish. Yes, it is a shiny color and can be a bit intimidating for some people, but if you are bold enough, you can wear chrome polish and still look great. But what are the dos and don’ts of wearing chrome metallic nail polishes.

  • Avoid wearing chrome nails with multi-colored dresses as this will overwhelm the effect.
  • Use your chrome nails as accessories for your dresses, so feel free to carry a silver purse if you have done your nails with chrome silver polish. Silver heels can also look great, and you can also throw in some earrings that are metallic and matching.
  • The best way to do chrome nails is to wear plain colored dresses, such as maroon, golden etc.

Where to Buy Chrome Nail Polish

Some of the best brands of chrome polish listed above can be found with the manufacturer, but as usual, it is not easy to find a cheaper version of it that way. I always go here to buy a few of my metallic nail polish collections. You too can try it and enjoy the low prices at Amazon.

What is your opinion on chrome nail polish? Leave your reply below.

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