How to Grow Your Nails Faster & Longer in 1 hour, Overnight Tips

When it comes to taking care of your nails, nail growth is very important as it will make your nails thicker and longer faster and you don’t have to deal with short or weak nails that look horrible. In this article, discover how your nails grow(the process/cycle), the rate in an hour, day or month, longest nails, facts and factors, how to grow your nails faster at home, or by using products and treatments such Sally Hansen Miracle Nailgrowth, Nutra growth formula, Stimulators – Qtica, plus more tips and ideas.

Cycle/Process of Nail Growth & Nail Structure

Nails are the thin, horny plate at the ends of fingers and toes on humans and some other mammals and they are great tools located at the ends of your fingertips. They have many different uses, from scratching an itch to peeling the skin off of an orange. Nails can also be used as protection weapons because they are somewhat like claws.

Structure-Parts of the Nail

The hard surface of the nail has three parts: the root, or base of the nail, the body, the hard exposed surface of the nail, and the free edge, the extreme tip of the nail. Other more specific parts of the nail and the surrounding areas include the lunule which is the white half-moon shape that you see at the base of the nail.

The nail also has the matrix which is the area where the nail plate cells are formed this area is composed of matrix contains nerves, lymph, and blood vessels to nourish the matrix cells.

The nail fold overlaps the base and covers the cuticle area. The eponychium, or cuticle, is at the top layer of the nail fold. The perionychium is the skin overlapping the sides of the nail or the nail wall. The hyponychium is the skin attached to the nail at the free edge.

A natural nail is the protective plate composed of mainly keratin the same fibrous protein found in skin and hair. The keratin in natural nails is harder than the keratin found in skin or hair. The natural nails are located at the end of the finger or toe.

It is the outer part of the skin and is part of the integumentary system, which is made up of the skin and its various organs. Nail plates protect the tips of the fingers and toes, and their appearance can reflect the general health of the body.

Nail Structure-parts-illustration
Parts of the nail

Nail Growth Process

A normal nail grows forward from the matrix and extends over the tip of the finger. Normal; healthy nails grow in different shapes depending on the shape of the matrix. The length, width and curvature of the matrix determine the thickness, width and curvature of the natural plate. For example, a longer matrix produces a thicker nail plate and a highly curved matrix creates a highly curved free edge.

Fingernails grow faster than toenails, so the process is most clearly seen right at your fingertips. The body is constantly producing new nail cells, which grow and form a plate at the nail root. The cells are hardened as keratin is added, and they form a flat, protective covering over the nail bed, the flat area of skin beneath your nails.

As more nail cells are produced they push out old nail cells, which lengthens a person’s fingernails out longer until they either break or are trimmed back. Additionally, the nail bed sits at the top tiny blood vessels that nourish the nail throughout the growth process. It’s these blood vessels that give your nails its healthy pink color.

Nail Growth Rate, Longest and Facts Facts

How fast or at what speed do your nails grow per hour, day, month or year? How long can they grow? Read on to find out plus more nail growth facts.

Nail Growth Rate Per Day, Week, Month and Hour

Fingernails grow about one-tenth of an inch (3millimeters) a month. If you lose a fingernail it will take four to six months to regrow completely. Toenails take a year to a year and half to grow from cuticle to tip.

For adults, fingernails grow about 0.02 inches a week equivalent to a half a millimeter that works out to about 2.3cm or 0.9 inches per year on average. On average your nails grow about 0.004inches that is 0.1millimeters each day. They also grow at a rate of about one nanometer per second.

Facts about Nail growth

Nail Growth after Injury

Nail injuries especially an injury that separates your nail from its nail bed makes your nails grow more slowly because once your nail is separated it will not reattach back.

Nail Growth during Pregnancy

Pregnancy causes a faster nail growth that is not related to prenatal vitamins contrary to popular belief this is according to the American Academy of Dermatology.

Nail Growth after Death

Many people believe that hair and nails continue growing after death. Well, it is true it appears that they are growing but in reality, they do not grow. It is a myth! What happens is that the skin may pullback around the nails making the nails and hair prickle out.

Longest fingernails.

How long can your nails grow?

According to Guinness World Records  the world’s ever longest fingernails belong to the following individuals

Current Longest nails record holders
Shridhar Chillal and Christine Walton

Longest nails ever record holders

longest nails ever record holders
Melvin Boothe and Lee Redmond


  • Lee Redmond and total 28 feet
  • Christine Walton 19ft -Current record holder


  • Melvin Booth 32ft
  • Shridhar Chillal 23ft -Current record holder

Here is a video review of  the record holders as of Guinness World Records 60th Anniversary

More interesting nail growth facts

  • Fingernails grow three to four times faster than toenails.
  • Toenails are approximately twice as thick as fingernails.
  • The fastest growing nail is the one on your middle finger.
  • The slowest growing nail is your thumb nail.
  • Chemotherapy affects your nails as it affects your hair because of the rapidly dividing hair follicle cells. Your nails may become more brittle, so they won’t grow as long as they used to and may break easily. The area around the nail bed may become dry and your cuticles may wear out.
  • Your nails grow faster in the summer than in the winter. This is due to surrounding temperature
  • Stress can inhibit your nail growth. This is especially if it is chronic and accompanied with picking and biting. Stress diverts energy and nutrients away from nails
  • Men’s nails grow faster than women’s (except during pregnancy)
  • Poorly formulated nail polishes can slow down the speed at which your nails grow.
  • Finger nails (at 3.5 millimeters per month) grow faster than toenails (1.6 millimeters a month)

Factors that determine Growth of both Finger and Toe Nails

Nails are an important part of the human body. They protect fingers and toes therefore reliable indicators of general health and when they are well cared for they are important assets adding to the overall attractiveness of an individual.

Many factors can influence how fast individual nails grow. These factors include:


The speed of nail growth changes throughout a person’s lifetime. Infant nails grow more slowly than adult nails, but children’ nails grow more quickly than those of adults. Nails tend to grow more quickly between the ages of 10 to 14. After that, growth begins to slow and continues to slow with age.


 The health of an individual can affect the growth rate of your nails on the other hand the growth rate of nails can be an indicator of a certain health condition. According to the American Academy of Dermatology it states that yellow nails indicate that an individual might be diabetic while yellowing thick nails that have a slow growth rate might be a symptom of a lung disorder. Nail growth can also be slowed when you have a poor circulation.

Stress and sleep affects nails

Your stress levels can inhibit nail growth. Having improper sleep due to increased stress can also affect nail growth. Stress and improper sleep diverts energy and nutrients away from nails.


If you bite your nails they will never have a chance to grow, so you should take measures to stop the habit. If you cannot avoid biting your nails you can apply some drugstore products to prevent biting.


According to a research done the Indian journal of dermatology found that there is a positive impact on nail growth when the there is a high altitude on the atmosphere and therefore cold climate negatively affects nail growth.

In addition to the research Bruce Robinson, an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Mt. Sinai Medical Center and Lenox Hill Hospital, also said that during the summer period nail growth is increased compared to the winter period whereby it decreases. This is because during the warm weather circulation is faster and during the cold weather circulation is slower.


According to Doctor Oz, a healthy and balanced diet can have a positive impact to your nails as well as to the rest of your body. If you don’t get enough of the required nutrients that your body needs your nails might reflect it. Certain nails conditions like:

  • Horizontal ridges across your nails indicate previous illnesses or infections.
  • White spots appearing on your nails indicate low zinc levels.
  • Nail breaking easily can be an indicative of lack of calcium
  • Eating unhealthy and poor diet could be displayed by vertical ridges
  • Pale nails are a sign of lack of iron in your body leading to anemia.


Hormone imbalance can cause your nails to grow more slowly. Also hormones can affect nail growth in healthy individuals. For example, women tend to experience faster nail growth during pregnancy and the rate slows down when lactation period begins. They might also experience faster nail growth before their menstruation period begins this is according to the American Academy of Dermatology.


One such infection is called onychomycosis which affects the nails making up about 50% of nail abnormalities. Both the fingernails and toenails are prone to the infection. The nails become thickened, brittle, dull, darker or sometimes yellowish in color which affects the nail growth slowing it down and leaving the nail plate affected.

How to grow your Nails faster and longer at Home Naturally

Some home remedies can help your nails grow faster and longer without the use of commercially sold products. These remedies include:


They are rich in vitamin C which helps to strengthen your nails, which in turn keeps your nails healthy and promotes growth.

  • You can rub a slice of lemon on your nails for a few minutes daily or you prepare a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil and heat for some time. Let it cool and then soak your nails in it.
  • After that rinse your nails properly and moisturize them well after you have washed. Lemon is beneficial for nails it does not only promote growth but it also aids in getting rid of yellowness on the nails and makes them shiny but you should avoid using it on hang nails or any cut.


They are rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, biotin and lycopene which can enhance nail growth. Lycopene is essential because it adds to the thickness of the nails.

  • You prepare a mixture of tomato juice, add one tablespoon of olive oil then soak your nails in it for 10-15 minutes.

Apart from boosting nail growth it also makes your nails shiny and strong. Eating raw tomatoes is equally good for your nail growth but cooking eradicates vitamin C. Biotin encourages the growth of nails and hair as it improves the keratin infrastructure.

home remedies to grow nails faster and longer
Tomatoes for nails growth

Orange juice

Oranges are also rich in vitamin C. The juice promotes nail upkeep and growth naturally. You squeeze out some orange juice and soak your nails for 5minutes.After that rinse your hands and apply a good hand cream.


Dehydration has a negative impact on the overall health of your nails, and to the entire body. It can lead to weak nails and cuticles. So it is recommended that you consume 8-10 glasses of water per day. You can also take fruits and vegetables that are high in water content.

Petroleum jelly

 The biggest advantage of petroleum jelly is that it is light to carry and can be used easily. Wash your hands well and apply the jelly all over your nails and cuticles and keep it on for a few minutes so that it can penetrate well into your skin. It helps in growth and prevents dry cuticles.

Olive oil

 Well-nourished nails not only accelerate growth but also strengthen the nails and cuticles. Olive oil is rich in polyphenol which has antibacterial and antifungal properties which make it beneficial to your nails.

  • Warm the olive oil and apply it on your nails and cuticle and gently massage it in circular motions for a few minutes. This practice helps to strengthen your weak and brittle nails.

Coconut oil

 It works well for healthy nail growth. It contains important and beneficial nutrients to keep your nails moisturized and strong. It also strengthens hang nails, cuticle infections and fungal nails.

  • Massage your nails and hands with warm extra virgin coconut oil daily at night before going to bed. You should massage in circular motions to improve blood circulation

Healthy diet-Proteins, Vitamins & Supplements

What you eat makes the greatest difference in your body. A proper intake of nutrients is needed for every part and cell of your body including the nails. Your nails are made up of keratin a protein which is also the main constituent of hair.

Include vitamins in your diet

Vitamin B7 also known as biotin plays a role in maintaining protein production and can also help in strengthening weak or brittle nails. Since your nails are made of protein L-lysine supplements can be taken to help build health proteins and help maintain healthy nails.

Vitamin C is needed for the production of collagen which is used to make your fingernails as well as your hair and other parts and cells of your body. Without enough vitamin C you may experience symptoms such as dry, thin, hair that splits easily and slowed growth of hair and fingernails.

Vitamin D rich foods should also be taken to help in the absorption of calcium into the body cells to help in strengthening your bones. Alternatively; you can expose your nails to the early morning sunlight to help your body create vitamin D that your nails need to grow faster.

Vitamin A has been shown to help fingernails grow faster. Include carrots, apples and apricots in your diet as they are rich in vitamin A.

If you want to enhance their action you could also try multivitamin or special supplement for nails and take it as directed for at least a month to see full results.

In addition to the vitamins, eat a diet rich in protein, calcium, zinc and iron. These nutrients help you grow healthier and stronger nails if consumed in a consistent basis. In fact deficiencies in these nutrients could aggravate the problem and delay the nail growth and rejuvenation process.

Foods that are naturally fortified with these nutrients are fishes, sea food, spinach, sweet potatoes, bananas, Greek yogurt, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, beef meat and liver.

Flax seed oil

 It is also very effective in enhancing nail growth. It contains a high content of omega 3 fatty acids which promotes nail growth. It also contains micronutrients like B vitamins, magnesium, potassium, lecithin, zinc and proteins which are essential for overall nail health. It also treats nail cracking, splitting, drying or brittleness.

  • Rub some flaxseed oil on your nails and massage gently for a few minutes. Wear gloves for a few hours to retain the moisture. You can do this once or twice daily.

Nail Growth Products-Polish & Miracle Serum Reviews?

If you have tried the above home remedies and your nails still seem not grow any fast, you can also invest in a good nail growth polish/serum. When used correctly, it can show some good results.

 So what  exactly is a nail growth polish?

A nail growth polish differs from ordinary nail polish in that it makes your nails grow faster due to the presence of special ingredients that encourage the nails to grow faster. The most common ingredients in nail growth polishes include: Vitamins like A, D, Biotin or E, calcium, liquid diamonds, horsetail extracts, silica, collagen, keratin, proteins and other ingredients that prevent excessive moisture from penetrating the nail barrier and cracking of the nails.

Best Nail Growth Polish -Sally Hansen Serum Reviews, use & Results

Fortunately, there are many brands of clear nail polishes and base or top coats that claim to strengthen and grow nails faster. The most popular and top rated nail growth polishes you could try are:

Sally Hansen Nail growth miracle serum is an advanced peptide technology formula which enhances natural nail growth and improves overall appearance of nails and cuticles. It is said to be the No1 most popular brand and product for encouraging new nail growth.

sally hansen  Miracle nail Growth
sally hansen Miracle nail Growth

It is enriched with biotin which promotes nail growth without brittleness. This helps the nails to become resistant to damage as they grow and make the cuticles softer and smoother.

The product claims to promote visibly longer nails in just 5 days and prevents additionally chipping and cracking of nails.

How to use the serum

The steps of using this are pretty simple. You either use it alone to protect your nails and give them a glossy finish with not color or use it as base and a top coat. If you are using it as base or top coat, make sure that it’s completely dry before or after adding nail polish.

Nail Growth Miracle Reviews, before and after Results

Users who have used this nail growth product agree that it does what it is meant to do. Most reviewers have seen good results. The formula does work basing on a majority of tests.

Some people complain that it dries ups and becomes gloopy in less than a month, making it a bit hard to apply afterwards. Some user have also experience peeling. Still, if you have an upcoming event and want to grow your nails fast in less than week, this product should come handy.

However, if you want exceptional results, you ought not to rely on this product alone. It is important that you try other non-polish products. You will more about some shortly. In addition, take care of nails following the above ideas.

Below are pictures showing before and after results

NailGrowth Miracle before after results
Before and after

Other Top Nail Growth Treatment Products: Nutra, Qtica and more

If you have broken your nails or they have started to flake off none of the above tips above is working you can try the following brands and formulas to make your nails grow faster than the normal rate.

Nutra Nail Growth Formula

According to the manufacturer, this product helps soft, weak nails with fragiles edges, split and crack to grow faster and stronger! Fast absorbing calcium, protein & vitamin formula.  Unlike other products that just coat the nail, this calcium-rich growth formula with protein and multi-vitamins penetrates into soft, weak nails. It instantly provides vital nutrients your nails need to grow strong and healthy just in 5 to 7 days. Majority of consumers who have tried it claim that they did notice some nail growth, after using it consistently for 5 days
To use it follow the steps below;

  • Apply over clean nail, cuticle and under nail tip
  • Massage into nails and cuticles for 5 seconds
  • For extremly weak nails, use twice daily; Use with or without nail color
products to grow nails-nutra nail growth formula
Nutra Nail growth treatment

Nail Growth Stimulators – Qtica

Nail growth stimulators like Qtica helps your nails to be long, strong and healthy looking. It contains sulfur amino acids and hydrolyzed proteins that help to strengthen your nails by bonding and locking keratin together and also creating an extra layer of nail to prevent peeling and protects new nail growth

It also maintains moisture and flexibility of the natural nail with vitamins A, C and E to keep it flexible and prevent your nails from cracking

qtica Nail Growth Stimulator

 IBD Reconstrux Nail Growth.

This is a pharmaceutical and professional grade formula designed to encourage new nail growth while preventing environmental stress and factors that lead to breakage. Although the product isn’t widely known, those who have tried it claim that it works better than other nail growth treatments with results that start to show up in a week.

Barielle No Bite Nail Growth.

This formula is specially designed for those who have short and cracked nails due to biting, but works equally well for those that just want to grow their nails faster. The formula can also be applied to nourish and protect nail cuticles as well and it’s non-toxic and safe for children.

Rejuva Cote Growth Polish Formula

This is a very high product for nail polish growth and can be either used alone or as a base and top coat. It has slight pink tint to it that is semi-transparent and glides on smoothly. Although this is not a quick-fix product that claims to work in a week or less, most users are satisfied with the nail growth they have gained long-term, after 1-2 months.

rejuvacote nail growth system
rejuvacote nail growth system

Lemon & Neem Nail Oil by Organic Pharmacy

This is a  multi-purpose natural oil that keeps nails looking and feeling stronger whilst the vital ingredient, neem, fights off any fungal infection.

Below is a list of more products that can promote nail growth

  • Mavala stop which helps cure nail biting
  • Pink Armor Nail growth formula treatments
  • The grower-Nails Inc’s Nail Grow
  • The cuticle softener
  • Jessica Nails Fusion
  • Formula X Strengthen – Nail Strengthener

Nail Growth Tips, at Home in Hindi & Urdu

Apart from the above topical nail growth polish treatments, you could also encourage new nail growth and protect your nails from additional damage by doing any or all of the following.

As discussed earlier nails are made up of keratin the same proteins found in your hair. Here are some nail growth tips that can make your nails grow faster, strong and shinier and they include:

  • Protect your nails from further breakage and chipping by wearing plastic gloves when you are doing any type of cleansing work where your hands come in contact with water and detergents. Detergents that can be harsh for your nails which affects their growth.
  • It may sound obvious but you need break the habit of biting them as they will never grow longer, no matter what else you do. Some nail polish growth treatments have an unpleasant smell or taste that discourages nail biting so if you are struggling to cut this habit off, these might help
  • Avoid painting your nails with polishes that contain formaldehyde, toluene and sulfonamide.
  • Trim your nails regularly and cut them to make them grow faster. You can also choose frequent manicures to stimulate faster nail growth.
  • Moisturize your nails. Nails need moisture like your hands do. You should therefore rub a lotion into your nails when moisturizing your hands. Be sure to apply a moisturizer each time you wash your hands.
  • You should do some exercises daily to have good blood circulation, which will help your nails grow faster. It is in fact good for your general health
  • You should keep your nails in a good shape and shine your nails and keep them in a shape like rectangular with oval sides which prevent them from breaking.
  • Use good quality removers that do not contain a lot of acetone as it ruins your nails in the long run.
  • If you are in India, beauty tips in Hindi has a discusses a number of ideas to help you grow and care for your nails.
Nails growth tips and ideas in Urdu & Hindi
Tips in Urdu


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