Best Nail Polish Colors for Olive Skin+ Tips & Ideas

What are the best nail polish colors for olive skin tone, how do you go about choosing the right one? In this article you’ll find the  nail lacquer colors for olive skin tones, from the lightest to the darkest; red, orange, pink and more

Selecting Nail Polish Colors for Olive Skin Tone

Best Nail Polish for Olive Skin Tones
Olive Skin Tone

Olive skin tones range from pale to dark caramel shades and are characterized by their neutral yellow-green undertones that are neither cool nor warm.

Although most refer to olive skin tones as medium to dark (like Indians for example), it’s possible to have a pale olive complexion as well. Your make-up and nail polish choices should ideally match or create an interesting contrast with your olive skin tone without bringing out any shallow or unwanted hues.

Best Red Nail Polish Color for Olive Skin

Red is one of the most suitable shades for olive skin as it can brighten it up without looking too bright and excessive. You can wear almost any shade or red as long as it leans towards the neutral to warm side.

If you have light to medium olive complexion, consider trying out these red shades:

  • Dior in shade rouge 999. A medium to deep red shade with neutral undertones, perfect for any day or night occasion.
  • Nars Nail Polish in Soup Can. An interesting spin to the classic red shade that resembles the color of tomato soup can. Formula goes on smoothly and only one stroke is enough to produce even looking results.
  • Opi Red. Another true red shade with neutral to cool undertones and hint of coral that makes it perfect for summer.

If you have tan to dark olive skin tone, these shades of red will look great on your nails:

  • Rimmel’s Double Decker Red. A deep red shade that’s just a hint darker than the famous red color of London buses. The formula takes only 60 seconds to dry and sells for less than 4 dollars per bottle.
  • Tom Ford in Smoke Red. A scarlet red looking polish that reminds of old Hollywood glamour and elegance.  The nail polish retails for $30 but it’s worth every penny.
  • Revlon Nail Enamel in Revlon Red. Probably the oldest cult red nail polish used for decades by generations of young and old women. The shade is a deep vibrant red and retails on average for 7 dollars.

Other Colors for light to medium olive skin tones include:

Hot/Warm Oranges

  • Covergirl Glostinnis in Orange Oasis. Another orange juice red with balanced warm undertones. The formula glides on easily and usually two strokes are enough for an opaque looking result.
  • China Glaze in Japanese Koi. Ever noticed the vibrant orange color of Japanese Koi fish or goldfish? This shade looks almost exactly the same as these beautiful fishes and it’s a great shade for summer.
  • Spa Rituals Positive Vibe. This is a medium orange shade that looks radiant without looking too neon and obvious and looks especially nice during summer or fall season.
Orange Nail Polish for Olive SkinSpa Ritual Positive Vibe
Spa Ritual Positive Vibe

Vibrant roses and pinks with berry undertones


  • Revlon Vintage Rose. As its name suggests, this a vintage rose shade that matches almost any skin tone and outfit. Formula is easy to apply and color payoff is great with just one or two strokes
  • Kiko Nail Lacquer in 365/Tattoo rose. A beautiful deep rose shade with neutral undertones perfect for any season and occasion.
  • Chanel Rose Insolent. A rick berry rose shade that’s great for spring and summer, without necessarily appearing too bright or radiant.

Dark Teals/Petrol nail polishes

  • Isadora Petrol Posh. A medium to dark teal shade with a hypoallergenic easy to glide on formula and a long lasting semi-matte finish
  • Mac Nail Lacquer in Screening Room. A perfect dark teal nail shade with a natural semi-matte finish. The formula may not glide as easily as other brands, but results typically last over 5 days according to online reviewers.
  • Essie in Go Overboard. Another great deep teal with denim blue and gray undertones that looks nice on easy season.

Warm metallic like golds and bronzes

They include:

  • Dior Golden Nugget. A luxurious gold shade with holographic gold glitters—perfect for formal occasions and the festive season.
  • Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Polish. A rich sparkling bronze shade with little golden flecks and a long-lasting finish.
  • Sally Hansen Bronze Ablaze Nail Polish. A rich golden bronze shade that dries up fast and lasts up to week (if two strokes are applied)

Stay away from: pale cool-toned pinks, pearly whites and pinks, silvers, mint greens, and cool brown shades as these won’t flatter your light olive skin tone and will make your hands look sickly yellow.

Nail Varnish foe Dark Olive Skin Tone

Now if you have a tan or dark olive skin tone consider trying out shades like:

Nail paint for Dark Olive skin
Dark Olive skin
  • Berry reds such as Opi’s Miami Beet, Dirty Cherry Crème by China Glaze, and Essence Color & Go Be Beery now
  • Dark olive greens and emeralds like Zoya’s Matte Velvet Lacquer in Europe, Revlon Emerald City, and Butter London British Racing Green.
  • Dark nude brown shades with neutral to warm undertones like: Clinique Tickle Me, Nubar Moire, and Maybelline Color Show in Your Flesh.

Stay away from: light peachy pink shades, cool-toned nudes and too bright yellows.

Tips & Ideas to get Best Results

If you want to play up with your ordinary nail polish hue, you can add some glitters or strass preferably on warm gold or bronze shades as these hues suit better olive skin tones.

You can also add other designs like flowers, polka dots, stars, and other shapes of your liking as long as they belong in the mentioned hues for each skin tone and don’t clash with each other.

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