Green Nail Polish – Mint, Dark, Neon, Emerald, Light, Bright Designs, Matte, Glitter Trend, Ideas&Best Brands

Green nail polish is a bold and almost unexpected nail color. In this article, find out the best brands of green nail paint, how to wear, make green polish and best shades of green such as mint, dark, neon, emerald, bright, light and even matte and glitter designs and trends.

How to Wear Green Nail Polish

Shades of green nail polish colors

Wearing green nails is not an easy task. If you are not careful on how to wear green nail polish, you can easily end up looking like an amphibian. If you want to rock green nails for the holidays and look great, here are simple tips to help:

  • If you have a dark or medium skin tone,  you can wear a lighter shade of green nails.
  • Girls with a lighter skin tone, can go for darker shades of green polish.

Here, the rule of the thumb on how to wear green nails is that darker shades look great on people with light skin tones because they create an extreme contrast, which is fashionable. You should also accessorize green polish with a few green dress accessories, such as green earrings.

Best Green Nail Polish – Top Brands of Green Lacquer

Environmentally, green polish could mean safe nail cosmetics. If you want nail polishes that are safe, you should go these best natural nail polish picks. However, if shades of green are your preferred colors to wear on your nails for summer season or even spring, the following are the best options to choose from.

Our list of top-rated green nail colors is based on online reviews:

  • OPI Nail Lacquer in Gargantuan Green Grape; OPI Nail Lacquer Muppets Collection in Fresh Frog of Bell Air
  • Butter London British Racing Green Lacquer
  •  Essie Winter 2009 Collection in Mint Candy Apple
  • Sonia Kashuk Nail Colour in Fatigued; Sonia Kashuk Nail Colour in Emerald City
  • OPI Nail Lacquer The Amazing Spiderman Collection in Just Spotted the Lizard
  • Zoya Holly – this is a rich emerald green fingernail polish.
  • NARS Night Porter – a shimmery green polish with a blackened shade.
  • Illamasqua Radium Polish
  • Kelly Green Nail Paint Polish by Cacique
  • Essie Pretty Edgy Nail Polish – this is a grassy one with a nice cream finish
  • Essie Summer 2012 Collection in Mojito Madness

You can wear these nail colors for St. Patrick’s Day too.

Green Nail Polish Designs/Trend and Shades

The following are some of the best trends and designs of green nails you should try out:

  • Mint Green Nail Polishes: Mint, a pale green or a light green nail polish can also look great on your nails when you want something that is not too bright such as red, glitter or even pink nail polish. Best Mint green options include Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet and Revlon Minted.
  • Seafoam Green Nail Polish: This seafoam is one of the hardest shades of green nail lacquer to find. However, one of the best nail polish picks for seafoam green color shade is Essie Nail Polish Soft Sea Foam Green 758 Absolutely Shore. OPI also have two polishes in this shade–Dazzle Me and Go In Green.
  • Dark Green Nail Polish: Butter London British Racing Green is a great dark green pick.
  • Neon Green Nail Polish: Illamasqua Radium is one of the best green nail paints that glow in the dark.
  • Emerald Green Polish: Emerald green is one of the dark shades of green you can try. So, what is the best brand of emerald nail polish?  Essie STYLENOMICS Emerald Green Nail Polishes 806.
  • Olive Green Nail Polish: Olive green is a great match for Halloween kind of lipsticks and other costumes, just like blue-green nail colors. But if you want to try olive green, one of the best quality products is Color Me Earth Nail Polish Spanish Moss, Olive Green.
  • Jade and Lime Nail Polish: Nail Inc, Chanel, and Barry M are all some of the most reviewed brands that carry a jade green nail shade. Try them if you want something that is bright on your nails. For lime green nail paint, you can try Mojito shade.

Other Trends and Designs of Green Nails

If the trends shown above are not the best for you, you can try these ones listed below on your nails to see if they are suitable for your occasion.

  • Blue-Green Nail Polish: Blue-green nails look exotic, with some polishes coming with a reflective base. If you want glitter blue-green nails, try choosing a brand with the shiny flakes hinting of green to blue. Both Zoya and Essie have great products for this.
  • Forest Green Nail Polishes: This is one of the darkest shades of green nails. If it is fall, opt for a dark shades like forest green, but it is fall, the best would be light green nails.
  • Army Green Nail Polishes: Also called military green nails, Essie has a product you will like, called Armed and Ready Army Green Polish.
  • Hunter Green Polish: Hunter green nails have been a seasonal staple for most runway shows for some time now. You can get some great brands of hunter green nails from brands such as NYX, Butter London, etc.
  • Bright Green Nail Polishes: Bright greens are simply light green nails, but some may come with the element of shimmer or even green glitter nail polish.

How to Make Green Nail Polish – DIY Homemade Green Nail Paint

You can make green polish at home with a few DIY steps. It is just as simple as making your own lipstick, so you will need ingredients that you already have at home to make green nail color. Some DIY nail color experts can customize almost any nail polish to make it any color. Below is a guide on how to make a neon green polish.

Ingredients to Make Glow Green Nail Color

  • White nail polish
  • Green eyeshadow, preferably a fluorescent type
  • Ziploc bag
  • A funnel

Steps for Making Fluorescent Green Nail Paint

  1. Put your eyeshadow into a Ziploc bag and seal it tight.
  2. Crush using your palms to make a fine powder.
  3. Using a funnel, empty the crushed eyeshadow powder into a bottle of white nail polish. Add powder just enough to make the right shade of green that you want, such as dark green, emerald green, mint green, light green etc.
  4. Shake the bottle of nail polish thoroughly to mix the contents well.

Tip: If you do not like the effect of white nail polish, choose clear nail polish and use it instead of white. This will give you a more translucent color of green nail lacquer.

What is your best green nail polish brand?

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