Glow in the Dark Nail Polish – How to Apply, Steps to Make DIY Colors & Brands

Give your nails an entrancing bright look with glow in the dark nail polish. There are different types of nail polish colors and designs, but when it comes to glow-in-the-dark polish, you can transform your nails into glowing or glittering parts in an instant with different colors, like purple, blue,  green nail polish.

Learn how to apply this type of nail polish, tips, designs, colors and even the best brands to go for when looking to do achieve this fully impressive brightening effect on your nails.

What is Glow in the Dark Nail Polish?

It is simply as its name suggests – nail polish that makes your nails glow, glimmer, or brighten up when in the presence of dark U.V light. If you know how to apply glow nail polish, you will achieve an effect on your nails to that makes them look as though they are illuminated from within. You can learn how to do glow in the dark nail polish at home using the DIY  steps that we’ll discuss briefly in this article.

How to Apply Glow in the Dark Nail Polish –Colors, Steps to Make DIY, Brands Opi, Essie, Tips, Trends
Glow in the dark Nail Lacquer

DIY Steps on How to Make Glow in the Dark Nail Polish

There are many DIY ways of making glow in the dark nail polish. One simple method for getting a glow-in-the-dark result is by following four simple step below:

  1. Take a glow stick and crack it as much as you can. Once cracked, take the sticks and cut off the tops and bottoms, ensuring that each cut of the glow stick is a centimeter away.
  2. Place the glow sticks over an opened bottle of your best clear nail polish.
  3. Allow the glow juices to leak out of the stick into the clear nail polish. You can also blow on the top of the sticks to ensure the juices get into the bottle of nail polish. Ensure that the liquid does not get onto your lips.
  4. Put a cap on the nail polish bottle and shake well.

How to Design and Apply Glow in the Dark Nail Polish

The steps bellow are designed to help you achieve professional looking results at home. Brands like Opi, Essie Nail Polish, and Revlon nail polish that glows in the dark will come with a few instructions. Here are some basic instructions and tips on how to get the glowing effect on your nails:

  1. Remove nail polish from your fingernails if you already have it. A quality nail polish remover can do this perfectly.
  2. Take acrylic nails and decorate your own designs on them before you can affix them on your nails. You can still do the nail designs and nail art on your own nails if you feel comfortable doing so. Use a wide range of nail paint colors such as purple, blue, turquoise, green or even pink nail polish.
  3. Apply a single layer of a clear base coat to the nails you want to decorate. This will be important especially if you are creating detailed nail art. Let the coat dry.
  4. Apply one layer of glow in the dark nail paint design, or what is called “background” color to your nails. Some of the best nail art designs include letters, hearts, polka dots, cross-hatch pattern, and stripes.
  5. Allow time for the layer of background color to dry before you apply another one. Continue applying until your nail art designs are complete.
  6. Allow the acrylic nails to dry and then glue them to your nails.

Tip: You can use different colors of glow in the dark nail polish for each finger to achieve added nail decoration effects.
Below a video tutorial on how to do a DIY glow in the dark nail lacquer.

Best Glow in the Dark Nail Polish Colors, Trends, Designs Tips, Effects

Neon nail polish was once one of the biggest nail trends in the US for some time. However, at some point, neon nail polish was deemed illegal in the United States. The reason was that neon nail polish shades have not been registered with the FDA. Still,  it is generally safe to do neon nail polish and there are no indications proving otherwise. Most people consider neon nail polish colors or shades to be a type of nail lacquer that can glow in the dark. That’s actually a hot topic for discussion.  In fact,  some nail polishes are flashy and very colorful and can make your nails lighten up when in the dark but don’t actually contain any active lightening pigments.

For many, glow in the dark nail polish is still a very fashionable trend today. Here are some of the top and trending effects and glow in the dark nail polish colors and designs below to give you some ideas:

Glow in the Dark Nail Polish Colors

There are lots of candy colors here when it comes to glow nail polish. The choice is absolutely yours when it comes to designs and colors. Some of the most popular trending colors include the following:

  • Green nail polish that glows to a green/yellow color.
  • Purple nail polish that glows purple.
  • Turquoise nail polish that glows to a neon blue shade with mild green undertones like that in turquoise gemstone.
  • Hot Pink glow-in-the-dark nail polish.

You can find other trending glow in the dark nail colors that you like too. Shades differ too and as you learn how to apply glow in the dark nail color, you will even know how to achieve different nail polish effects with it.

Top Brands with Glow in the Dark Nail Polish – Opi, Revlon, Essie, Claires

Some brands that carry glow-in-the-dark nail polish shades include:

  • Opi. Opi’s main glow-in-the-dark polishes include Singapore, and Zom-Body-To love, which are bright green shades perfect for Haloween and club parties.
  • Revlon. Although Revlon doesn’t officially carry any glow in the dark shades, some neon shades have a similar yet kinda subtle brightening effect under dark light. These shades are Revlon Nail Art Neon in shade 9, fluorescent (a bright neon green) and shade pink glow from the same line.
  • Santee. Santee has a line of special  6 neon shades that glow in the dark including a blue, green, yellow, hot pink, orange, and coral pink shade.
  • Mia secret’s glow in dark range of 4 colors like yellow, blue, coral orange, and pink.

By trying ant of the above brands, you can achieve that desired glow effect on your nails after applying several coats of the nail polish then charging it by holding the nails up to a bright light in order to make them glow.

Tip: Most glow in the dark nail polishes use phosphorescent pigments that give it the glow. Glow nail polish like that from Opi, Revlon, Essie and Claires is not radioactive or harmful since they has been approved by the FDA.  American Apparel is also in the market flexing its muscle with its own brand of glow nail polish. Fine crystals of zinc sulfide as well as copper are also added to the glow nail polish. The copper makes the nail polish absorb light and emit it over time. This phosphorescence is not radioactive or toxic to the nails, unless ingested.

Opi glow nail polish colors are variant and so are the rest of the brands. Santee which isn’t a widely known brand also has various colors to choose from.  cost of glow nail polish? Most of them are cheap and go for less than $15 if you know how to research where to buy the best nail polish.

Now, regarding the cost of glow nail polish,  most of them are cheap and sell for less than $15 if you know how to research where to buy the best nail polish online or offline.

How Does Glow in the Dark Nail Polish Differ from Glitter Nail Polish?

Unlike glow nail polish, glitter nail polish has particles in it that are made in such a way that they reflect light to achieve a glitter effect. Most of these shimmer in light. Glow in the dark nail polish, on the contrary simply illuminates from within after charging with light. These two are also different from magnetic nail polish. Magnetic nail polish does not necessarily glitter or glow like neon, but it simply carries designs made using a magnet.

Glow-in-the-dark nail polish is perfect for Halloween and club/rave parties. But what other occasions can you wear such nail polish for? Share your ideas, suggestions, tips and tricks in the comment section below. You can also share your DIY steps on how to make and  apply glow nail polish.

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