Best Gold Nail Polish Brands, Types and Ideas

Gold nail polish has been spotted on celebrities and looks very hot and stylish.  In this article, find out best golden nail polish brands, shades and variations such as metallic, rose, real, leaf, glitter, chrome, mirror, crackle, sparkle and even 18k gold nails trend. Also, see our gold polish ideas below.

Gold Polish Trend, Designs and Colors

Golden nail paint is not just pure gold. You can have hues of other colors in it that make it more interesting. From glitter to pink to golden rose, you have a wide range of ‘shades’ of gold to choose from. Like red polish or pink polish, you can get almost any variant you like.

  • Rose Gold Nail Polish: Quite close to pink, but lies between pink and red. It is a great choice for people who love to go with cool yet bright nail colors.
  • Real Gold Nail Polish: Some brands of nail polish are incorporating real gold in them, also called gold leaf nail polish. These are quite expensive and get the luster of real gold rather than just taking to the color of gold. Looking through the bottle, you will see gold leaves or flecks of gold in the polish that can be applied on your nails. An example of a brand with real gold is OPI Man with the Golden Gun Topcoat.
  • Gold Chrome Nail Polish: If you have seen Sally Hansen Nail Polish Color Quick Pen Gold Chrome 02, then you will know how gold chrome nails would look like. They are quite close to something shiny, though not so much. The nail polish hints at chrome color in them.
Best Gold Nail Polisht Brands, Rose, Metallic, Glitter, Real Leaf , Chrome, 18k, Sparkle, Mirror, Shiny Designs, Crackle, OPI Ideas Trends
Gold Nail polish

Best Gold Nail Polish Brands – Top Rated Gold Polishes

So what is the best gold nail polish brand out there? Well, big brands of nail paints such as OPI, Essie, Chanel and MAC are definitely some of the top-rated brands. But what products exactly are considered the best? Below is a list:

  • OPI Gold Shatter Nail Polish; 18 Karat Gold Nail Polishes celebrating James Bond (OPI 18k gold polish)
  •  Essie Mirror Metallics Nail Polish Collection Good As Gold
  •  Chanel Nail Polish Black Velvet Gold Lame Illusion
  • Milani Gold Nail Polishes: Milani Jewel FX Gold; Milani Black and Gold Glitter Nail Lacquer; MILANI Specialty Nail Lacquer Jewel
  • Minx Gold Nail Polishes: Wonderful Gold Artistic Luxurious Minx Nail Polish
  • MAC Immortal Gold Nail Lacquer
  • Revlon Gold Coin Nail Lacquer
  • Zoya Gold Foil Nail Polish

Types of Gold Nail Polish

Wearing gold nails doesn’t have to be one boring style that everyone else wants to have. There are different types that you can choose from, from glitters to plain matte gold nails. Here are trends you should try with golden nails.

  • Gold Sparkle Nail Polish: Sparkle nail polish is simply gold glitter nail polish. If you are looking for something that will catch the attention of people from a far, you should go for golden sparkle nails. These will be great for you.
  • Gold Mirror Nail Polish: Gold mirror nails are almost synonymous with the Essie brand. These, after applying on your nails, will create a mirror like effect so you can see a reflection of yourself and other things around you in your mirror fingernails.
  • Shiny Gold Nail Polishes: Essie is also one of the best brands of shiny golden nail polishes. Shiny gold nails are good for parties and occasions like Halloween. They would be the exact opposite of matte nail polishes.
  • Gold Crackle Nail Polish: Crackle nail trend, also called shatter can also work well with golden polish. See crackle nail polish designs and trend. Some of the best brands of gold crackle nail paint include Sally Hansen ‘Antiqued Gold’ Crackle Nail Polish; and OPI Shatter Lot Silver Gold Crackle Nail Polish Lacquer CLOSEOUT.
  • Metallic Golden Nail Polish: Golden nails are already metallic nails. However, if you are using metallic strips as tips for your nails, then you might want to use gold metallic nail paint to give the shiny French manicure tip for your fingernails.

Gold Nail Polish Ideas – How to Wear Gold Nails

So, how do you wear gold nail polish? Celebrities wearing gold nail such as Rihanna, Brooklyn Decker, Abbie Cornish and Taylor Swift always look great, but what are the best ideas for perfect gold nails and otfits? Rihanna was one of them, with French manicure, adding metallic strips to her white nails. Taylor Swift, on the other hand wears dark colored outfits with shimmering golden nail polish. Other than trying the same, what are the best golden nail polish ideas for stunningly elegant golden nails?

  • Gold nails go well with dark colored dresses. You can however, wear matte golden nail polish with a white dress, but do not match a white dress with glitter nail polish in gold.
  • If you wear gold nails, avoid silver accessories. You can accessorize with metallic dress accessories, but preferably golden ones.
  • You can also wear a gold-tint jacket and wear gold nails. This will still look great on you.
  • Although some people think that gold nails look great on fair skin tones, I tend to think it all depends on what you wear with the gold manicure. Like gold lipstick, gold polish will still look great on dark skin complexion, olive skin tone etc.

The most important part with gold nail polish ideas is to try different styles, but be careful not to be matchy-matchy or clash the shimmer of gold with something else in your outfit choice. Sometimes too much accessories with golden nails will leave your body looking too excessive, so go easy on the golden nails and allow them to show.

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