Nail Polish Storage Ideas, Containers and DIY Solutions

Nail polish storage is something every girl needs. If you make a collection of various nail polishes, finding a great nail polish storage idea will be great for keeping them nice and organised. Here are some of the best nail polish storage ideas, DIY storage, containers and cheap solutions for collections of fingernail polish.

Storage for Collections of Nail Polish

If you make fancy collections of nail polish for different seasons, such as fall, summer and spring, you will easily find yourself with quite many different bottles of nail polish. Grouping these and storing them in an orderly way is very important if you want to make space more organized and neat. So, you might want to do with some fancy little ideas for storage of nail polish collections.

Containers, racks and even DIY homemade racks can be great ideas for storing your polish. Cheap storage solutions such as racks you make by yourself at home can really be great, while others just need to be suitable for your type of needs, say travelling, for instance. Let’s look at some of the best nail polish storage ideas below.

Let’s look at some of the best nail polish storage ideas below.

Best Nail Polish Storage

So, what is the best nail polish storage idea out there? Well, from the many options to choose from, it can be difficult to say what exactly is the best storage. However, since people look for storage solutions for different purposes, you can also choose to have a fingernail polish storage solution for your kind of purpose, such as storage for travelling, storage for display, storage for safety and maybe, just organization in the house. That said, what is the best nail polish storage?

  • Acrylic cases
  • Portable nail polish bottle holders
  • Plastic polish cases – these are very durable and come in almost any color you think of
  • Storage cases
  • Professional train cases for makeup
  • Nail polish roll holder

The list goes on depending on your preferences and the style of your room if you wish. The best polish storage container should be comfortable for you, starting with color, type, size and many other dimensions. My best choice of a storage is a rack made of acrylic.

Nail Polish storage Ideas containers/ racks DIY Solutions
Clear Acrylic Nail Polish Display Stand-nail polish storage idea

Ideas for Nail Polish Storage/Storage Ideas for Nail Polish

For ideas of storing your nail polish, you have a wide range of options to look into. From racks to acrylic display bags, you can have just about anything you want to serve your purpose of storing over 100 bottles of polish. Here are some ideas to go for:

  • Acrylic racks for storing your nail polish – these are good for display of polish bottles. See more on the best nail polish racks.
  • Nail polish case – which is a good idea for people who travel a lot and want something portable.
  • Nail polish holder – a versatile polish storage solution, coming as a transparent case but with cells for placing the bottles inside. Some of them can carry up to 48 bottles of polish.
  • Nail polish organizer case
  • Nail polish stand
  • A polish rack made at home (see the DIY section below)

The nail polish storage ideas and solutions are endless. You can think about just about anything that can store your nail paints appropriately because each of them will still be novel. Our list of storage solutions above is not really exhaustive.

DIY Nail Polish Storage Ideas – Homemade Storage Solutions

Now, you can make your own storage for nail polish at home. The process is simple, and you will end up with a polish storage rack that you can use to display the bottles of polish you have collected. It is cheap and very convenient.

How to Make a Polish Storage Rack

You can easily convert a container at home into a polish storage container. Containers such as glass, plastic, and china vases can make really good display containers for storing your polish inside. However, you can also make a simple rack. Here are the things you need to make one by yourself for your nail polish collection and storage:

  • Hobby boards but to the right sizes you may need
  • Non-foaming wood glue
  • Wood paint of the color you want
  • Small sized nails

The procedure is really simple since you just need to measure well and join the boards to make your own makeup storage place. I made an easy to follow tutorial to help you make a simple rack with these materials.

 How to make DIY Homemade Polish Storage-Tutorial

Below is a video showing how to make nail polish storage rack/stand at home.

What is your best nail polish storage idea/solution? Leave your reply below.

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