Black Matte Nail Polish Ideas– How to Make & Best Brands,

Black matte nail polish is great for many occasions. Find out the best brands of matte nail polish in black shades, where you can buy matte black polish cheaply and how to make your own black matte polish. Also, learn how to do French black matte and hot to use the best brands such as OPI, Essie and Chanel below.

The black matte nail trend is a cool one. If you know how to apply it and how to wear it well, you will have cute nails that dry fast and remain completely matte. Brands such as OPI matte nail lacquer, Essie and even Chanel have top-rated black matte nail paints that you can try. If you are a girl who doesn’t like glossy or shiny trends like gel nails or sheer nails, you can either buy black matte nail polish or even make your own.

Below is a list of the best black matte nail polish brands that you can choose from. Other than that, we have prepared a great guide on how to make this kind of nail polish, and where to buy it. You will find that choosing the best matte nail polish black from the range of top-rated products listed below is quite easy.

Best Black Matte Nail Polish Best Brands where to Buy Cheap Make
Black Matte Nail Polish

Best Matte Black Nail Polish

Matte nail polish in black does not have so many brands that are highly reviewed and top rated. However, being a trendy non-glossy or non-shiny nail color, you might want to try it for the office or workplace. It is a great nail trend compared to others such as hot pink and neon nail polishes that may not be very appropriate for office situations. Here are some of the best matte black nail polish picks to buy.

  • OPI Nail Polish Black Onyx
  • Chanel Matte Black Nail Polish
  • Essie Nail Polish Top Coat – Matte About You
  • A. Girl Matte Finish Nail Polish NL537 Matte Black
  • ManGlaze Matte Nail Polish, Matte Is Murder – Black

You can see more best black matte nail polishes.

Where to Buy Black Matte Nail Polish

  • Where Can I Buy Black Matte Nail Polish?
  • Where Can I Get Black Matte Nail Polish?

These two questions are common in my inbox since not many brands of black matte nail polish are in the market. Therefore, it is common to find it difficult to buy a high-quality black nail polish in matte. However, if you search carefully, you will find places like Amazon and eBay selling these. Take advantage of the free shipping and discounts on online stores to buy black nail polish as well as other colors such as pink polish, red polish, green nail color and even white and gold polishes.

How to Make Matte Black Nail Polish

When it comes to makeup, you can always learn to make your own using simple DIY homemade steps and recipes. Recently, we looked at how to make lipstick, but now, you will learn how to make matte black nail polish, which is a good option if you want something cheaper than big brands such as OPI Matte Black Nail Polish or Essie, Chanel, Sally Hansen, China Glaze or any other brands. So, here is an easy step-by-step guide to making your own black matte nail polish.

You Will Need the Following Tools and Ingredients

  • A small container for use when mixing
  • Corn flour
  • A stirring stick
  • Clear nail polish or black nail polish

Procedure/Steps for Making Matte Nail Polish

  1. Add clear nail polish and corn flour into the small container.
  2. Mix well using the stirring stick to make a paste of the right texture.
  3. You can add a black eyeshadow into the mixture and stir well. This will give your DIY black matte polish the dark color.
  4. Pour in a bottle of nail polish.

That’s it ladies – you have made your matte nail polish. If you are into making your own safe nail polishes, you could try different recipes for:

  • Homemade glitter nail polish
  • Homemade magnetic polish
  • DIY crackle/shatter nail polish

Black Matte Nail Polish French Trend

French manicure is popular with gel nail polishes. It is one of the refreshing nail designs you can make on your nails with both sheer and matte trends. So, how does French black matte nails look like? Well, you can paint your nails with any matte colors you like, but at the tips, you make a glossy strip that remains outstanding.

If you do not have a black matte nail polish, you can use regular nail polish in black and then apply a top coat to get the matte feel. But when it comes to the French tips part, you will need to apply a glossy black nail paint to make them outstanding. Mmh, your nails will look refreshingly amazing with black matte nail trend. Try black matte French manicure tips today.

Do you like black matte nail polish with French tips? Leave a reply below.

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