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If you are seeking to learn about stamping nail art, here is guide with details on how to do it, the best stamping kits, including nail salon express and konad reviews, DIY stamping nail art plates, stampers including clear, best brand reviews, tutorials, designs, best nail polish for stamping, common mistake and solutions

What is nail art stamping?

Nail stamps or nail art stamping is a method of adding various nail designs, patterns and shapes onto nails via special stamping tool /kit. There are hundreds of designs to choose from. This involves among others

  • Flower designs
  • Boho Patterns
  • Bow Ties
  • Small Animals
  • Insects (flies, bees, butterflies)
  • Stars
  • Dots
  • Abstract patterns
  • Sweets
  • Holiday designs
  • Lines/Zebra and zigzag lines
stamping nail art Kit Plates & reviews
Stamping Nail art results

And many more, depending on the nail art stamping plates you will find in your kit. Nail art stamping can be either done professionally or DIY as long as you have a special kit to make it possible. The process is actually quite simple and needs only a bit of practice. For a full steps on how to do this, you can check the how to do stamping nail art section.

If you are having trouble decorating your nails with nail art by yourself, a nail stamping tool is a great option that will make the process of adding designs onto your nails much easier. With a little effort, you can make beautiful nail art designs in just a couple of minutes so it’s really worth the investment. Plus, you won’t have to worry about applying any fancy stickers or nail decals that need water or special glue to stick.

Best Nail Art Stamping Kits- Salon Express, Konad  Reviews

In the market, you can find many different nail art stamping tools. Some are sold as separate items where you’ll have to buy each item separately and some are full kits that have everything you need together.

Nail Art Stamping kits are also divided into further categories. Some are almost automatic and you only need to perform just a few steps and then press on your nails while others require more steps to complete the process.

They are commonly made of plastic material and metal  nail art plates which bear the designs that will transfer to the nails. These kits are typically sold anywhere from $3-50 depending on how many items are featured on the kit.

A typical nail stamping kit contains:

  • A stamper which is the main tool
  • One or more stamping plates
  • A scraper
  • At least one special stamping nail polish (may be more depending on the kit)

Following are reviews on two most popular kits: Salon Express & Konad nail art stamping kit

Nail salon express review and how to use

Konad stamping kit review

Konad is probably the most popular kit but it’s also the most expensive as it contains special nail polishes of all basis colors to be used with the stamping tools. Below is a video tutorial demo and instructions on how to use it

There are also so cheaper alternatives that are sold for less than $10 on Ebay and Amazon.

Nail stamping kits in stores-Where to buy

You can buy nail stamping kits in some beauty supply stores like ULTA but most kits are available online platforms like Ebay and Amazon, which offer many different types to choose from in various colors and shapes. If you are a beginner, of course you need to buy a full kit as you may forget something that will complete the stamping process. This will also save you money on combining shipping costs.

Some professional nail salons may also have a few kits for sales available or can order one for you from a reputable seller. Ask them to find out if they have any kit available.

Clear Nail Stamper & other Nail Stampers Reviews

As mentioned earlier, a stamper is the main tool in when doing nail stamping art. They come in different shapes and sizes. There are some that are clear, others not clear and double sided. Which is the best? Read on to find out more

Best Clear nail Stamper Reviews

Basically clear see-through finger nail stampers that allow nail artists to see where they are placing their nail art on the finger nails.
Here is  video review of some of the stampers in the market. The video has reviewed;

  • New Blue Metal Handle Nail Art Stamper Scraper Set
  • NEW Pure Clear Jelly Silicone Nail Art Stamper Scraper Sets
  • New Valentine’s Day Transparent Clear Jelly Stamper
  • New Milky White Clear Jelly Stamper

Other Stampers Review & Comparison

In this the following review video, find a detailed comparison  on some of the not-clear stampers such as konad stampers.

How to do Stamping Nail Art

The steps for making stamping nail art are actually easy and require little practice, as long as you have all the essentials. Here are the basic steps:

  • Paint your nails first with your desired base color. You can leave them clear or apply a coat of clear nail polish if you don’t wash to apply a fancy color but keep in mind that your base color must contrast with the nail art stamp color otherwise it won’t show through. Make also sure that your nail polish has completely dried out before you proceed with the stamping process. No need to apply a clear nail polish on top of the nail, you can do so after the stamping.
  • Take a plate and find your desired design you wish to add onto your nails. Paint just over the design with the nail polish of your kit or any other good nail polish.
  • Use the scraper to wipe off excess nail polish until you can see the design clearly in a quick and steady diagonal motion. Some girls find that the scraper may not work as well–in this case, you can also use an old/expired credit card or any other flat steady item to wipe off excess nail polish.
  • Take the clear nail stamper and press on top of the plated design to transfer the pattern to the stamper.
  • Using a quick yet delicate swiping motion to transfer the design onto your nails.
  • Wait for the design a bit to dry. If the design on the plates was too big, you may find that some of the pattern transfers outside your nails and around your skin/cuticles. Don’t worry about this, you can clean it later with a nail polish remover.
  • Apply a finishing clear coat to protect the design and add a shiny finish.
  • Repeat the same process in your other nails.


Some designs and patterns in the plates have more than one items. If you don’t like a part of the design but still want to use other parts, after you transfer the design from the plates to the stamper, you can remove the excess part with a nail polish remover and a q-tip and leave everything else intact. Just make sure you don’t apply too much nail polish remover or you’ll wipe off the rest of the pattern.

In case you want to clean the plate of the nail polish, simply soak a cotton wipe in nail polish remover and rub to remove any nail polish residue.

Now, if you are having trouble transferring the nail polish design onto the stamper, these are the most common causes:

  • Your nail polish is low quality and not opaque enough. You can’t use clear or semi-opaque and low quality nail polishes otherwise the color won’t transfer or show through the nail stamp. Thus make sure your nail polish offers high coverage and a lasting opaque finish. Since some kits come with their own nail polish, there is no need in buying anything else as it may not work just as good.
  • The nail stamping plate is too hollow or bad quality to transfer the design. If the design on the plate isn’t sharp and clear enough, the stamper tool may pick up some of it but the lines won’t look the same as the design on the plates and once you transfer the design onto your nails, it will even look blurred. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do in this case apart from trying out again and possibly replace that plate or try another design to transfer. Some patterns in the plates are naturally more sharp than others so perhaps you can experiment with a different design until it works.

Nail Art Stamping Plates Kits , how to use + Reviews

Nail stamping plates are metal discs engraved with creative images. Below is a picture of sample plate photo with a number of variety of patterns or designs

best nail art stamping plates kit reviews
Nail stamping plates

How to use stamping nail art image plate

To use them, all you need is to apply nail polish on plate then stamp and transfer, no drawing or painting skill needed. Some manufacturers like Winstonia, make nail stamping plates that are reusable for a cost-friendly, easy to use and time-effective experience.

Plates Reviews-Winstonia

How to Make Your Own Stamping Plates DIY at Home

There are many different stamping plates to choose from in various patterns to suits all likes. Cheeky stamping kit has probably the most modern and polished designs that go beyond classic flower and ribbon choices.

However, if you can’t find the design you want in any of these plates and you have a steady hand, with a little creativity and practice, you can make your own DIY stamping plates. Here’s how:

You will need a cutted metal tin (cookie metal tins are perfectly fine for this) and an an electric nail file/drill or mini drilling machine with an extra fine tip for extra precision. Plastic PVC may also work but metal is generally more steady and produces better results.

Sketch the outline of the pattern of your choice with a fine marker so that it’s easier to drill exactly where you need to.

Begin drilling making sure that you drill enough to engrave the design but not deep enough to make it hollow. You’ll need to be careful and have a steady hand for best results. Don’t rush, take your time and make sure everything looks nice and even.

Test the plate by applying the nail polish and and then proceed with the rest of the stamping steps. If the plate is fine, the design will transfer to the stamper and then onto your nails with no issues. If not, perhaps you need to drill more to make it deeper. Try also drilling a new shape if there is much area left on the tin.

And that’s it–keep in mind that especially the first time, your own plate designs won’t look as precise and as good as commercial factory-made ones but with a little practice you can make some really great and unique designs that work. Starting from simple designs like hearts or ribbons is the way to go and then you can slow go for more complex ones, as long as you outline the shape first with a marker  for more accuracy and precision. Good luck…

Best Nail

Nail Art Stamping Designs + Tutorial

Best Nail Polish for Stamping

When shopping for stamping nail polishes, you have two options

  • Specialty stamping nail polishes
  • Non-specialty stamping nail polishes

For beginners, it is advisable that you use specialty option. This polishes are designed specifically for stamping nail art. It will save your time as well help you avoid messed up manicures.
Non-specialty should be left for experts…at least they are not trying but doing something they know. The most common brands of specialty stamping nail art polishes include;

  • Konad Stamping Nail Polish
  • Mundo De Unos(MDU) Stamping Nail Polish
  • It Girl Nail Art
  • Bundle Monster

Non-Specialty polishes include;

  • Sally hansen Insta-Dri
  • Sinful Colors

Common Stamping Nail Art Mistakes and Solutios

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