Best Red Nail Polish, Shades, How to Make and Wear

Red nail polish is a bold nail color to wear. Here is a guide on the best red nail varnish brands, meaning of red nails, how to make red polish for nails and choosing the right shade of red such as bright red, dark red, blood red, jungle red, deep red, neon red and classic red colors. Read below.

Red Nail Polish Meaning – Is Red Nail Polish Trashy?

Did you know that nail polish says something about your personality? Well, I keep getting this question: Is red nail varnish trashy? Both red polish and pink nail polish are bold and represent a woman who is not only sexy but also who is not afraid of attention. You are definitely very confident about yourself. So, if you are into red polish, it all depends on how you wear it, and how you present yourself. Red nails combined with decent outfits will not look trashy at all. There you have it on the meaning of red nail paint. So, let’s get down to the best red nail polish brands out there and shades you can try.

Red Nail Polish

Best Red Nail Polish Brands – Overall Top Rated Red Nail Varnishes from Reviews

Red nail polishes have been used on red carpets, whether plain red or red varnishes with nail art. With so many nail polish brands, it can be difficult to find the best nail polish in the color red. So, why don’t we simplify that for you and give you a list of the best red nail varnish brands that you can choose from. Whether you are looking for long lasting red polish or one that does not chip easily, here is a list of top red polish brands to go for.

The following are the best rated brands from reviews.

  • Best Opi Red Nail Polishes: OPI in I’m Not Really a Waitress Red (a great cherry red shade)
  • Essie Red Nail Polish: Essie in She’s Pampered (a bright red nail color)
  • Revlon Red Nail Polish; Nail Polish Revlon Nail Enamel Raven Red; Cult Classics: Revlon Nail Enamel – Revlon Red
  • Chanel Red Nail Polishes: Chanel Le Vernis in Malice (a deep red with hints of shimmer);
  • Illamsqua in Throb (a blood red shade of nail polish)
  • Jin Soon in Coquette (a favorite for many for its rich hue and makes a good cherry red)
  • MAC Cosmetics Carine Roitfeld in Underfire Red
  • Nails Inc. in Tate
  • NARS Cosmetics Nail Polish in Rouge Andalou (a shimmery red nail color)
  • RGB Cosmetics in Classic Red (one of the best long lasting nail polishes today)
  • Rimmel’s 60 Second Polish in Red Carpet

Others include NYX Dark Glitter; OPI Jinx; China Glaze Ruby Pumps and Jordana Hot Red (one of the best hot red nail polishes and can come as a glitter polish or a crème finish.)

Best Red Nail Polish Colors, Shades and Types

There are many names of red nail color. Here are the most common ones that refer to good shades of red you can try. For some of them, we have mentioned the favorite brands that you can try to look trendy, or those you can try with different designs of red nails.

Below are great shades of red to try for any season’s trend.

Dark Red Nail Polish: Dark reds can be good for people with fair skin tones. I have seen some girls with dark skin complexion, or olive ones also wearing it. To some extent, it ends up ‘hiding’ their nails. Dark colors may not be the best for them. You can try something like the classic reds rather than the deep red nail paint.

Bright Red Nail Polish – Bright reds can be very jovial and show you are oozing confidence. When you want something to try on your nails, especially if you are of fair skin, Essie in She’s Pampered is a bright red nail lacquer you will find perfect.

Bright Red Nail Polish

Blood Red Nail Paint: – Want some vampy nails? Illamsqua in Throb is just the perfect blood red nail color polish to go for. It is also perfect for those colder months, so don’t just spare it for summer only. Try it in winter too, and for that red Halloween costume of yours.

Blood Red Nail Paint

Jungle Red Nail Paint: Zoya red nail lacquer is one of the best brands out there with solid color and long lasting wear. If you know how to wear red polish well, jungle red, a close shade to deep red, is definitely one of the perfect picks.

Jungle Red Nail Polish

Neon Red Nail Polish: Neon nails are good for parties and such funky events. They are not really for the office, so you might want to wear neon red for such events and spare matte nail polish or just clear nail polish for the office and formal events.

Neon Red Nail Polish

Classic Red Nail Polish: – Dior Vernis in Massai Red is one of the best red nail polishes that can be categorized as classic. You can wear this for holidays or even all year round and still feel chic and fresh every time you sport it.

Classic Red Nail Polish

Red Glitter Nail Polish Trend and Style

Glitter nail polish is what is commonly known as sparkly nail varnish. There are different types of glitter nails varnishes, with much of the variations coming from the colors. Red glitter nail polish is not only a sexy trend but also a bold one. Red nail paint is already a bold color, but making it glitter is a bigger boom.

You can wear glitter red polish with red lipstick or other red accessories on your dress. This will work well for both summer and spring. Some girls like glitter nails for parties, so if you are a matte nails kind of girl, you can try red glitter varnish to break away from your staple. See best glitter nail polishes.

How to Make Red Nail Polish – DIY Homemade Nail Paint

Making red polish is likely to be a messy agenda. However, here are the ingredients you need to make your own red nail polish.

  • A good quality clear nail polish in its bottle
  • Eyeshadow with a red color tint
  • Steel bearings

Steps for Making Red Fingernail Polish

  1. Crush the eyeshadow to make a fine powder. This is important because if you leave large sized pieces or flakes of eyeshadow, you are likely to end with it showing on your nails.
  2. Using a tiny homemade paper funnel, pour the red eyeshadow into the bottle of clear nail polish.
  3. Add the silver balls or bearings into the bottle of nail polish.
  4. Shake thoroughly. The silver balls will help the contents of the bottle to mix well.

That’s it ladies, you will have made your red nail polish using a simple homemade or DIY procedure. Try it and leave a reply below if it worked for you.

How to Wear Red Nail Polish

You already know how to apply red nail lacquer, but how do you choose your outfits with red? What matches well with red nail color names listed above? Well, it has very little to do with the skin color or shade of your eyes, though it might be influenced by the color of your hair. However, you can wear red nail varnish with jeans, with dark dresses, and even with white outfits. When it comes to accessories, pair red nails with diamond, pearl or silver earrings.

How to Remove Red Nail Polish

Are tired of red nail polish or do want to change to another color? Here is how to go about it.

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